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Friday, October 31, 2008

SearchWarp: Making Easy Money From Article Directories Like SearchWarp

Writing articles.

If you've been attempting Internet Marketing on the web for any time at all you have heard the rumor about the tremendous value from article directories.

I'm here to set the record straight.

Everything you've heard about the benefits of article marketing is true. Yes, video marketing is even truer; but we will save that information for another article.

What you may not have heard as much about is that making easy money from article directories is very plausible.

For example, SearchWarp pays you via Google Adsense for referrals that you send their way. The higher your rating in their system the greater your potential profits.

However, I personally do not believe they do a good job of explaining how the process works. In reality it is very easy even though the directions available are not so much so. Given that I would like to explain to you how their program works.

First you need to create an account and profile. No big secret there. Once you are satisfied with your new profile you save it and your good to go.

Here's where things started getting a bit confusing for me.

Next you write an article about making money with their article directory.

Then post that article to their directory. I have found it easy to use an article submitter for this process, however unlike any other directory I have ever worked with, you then need to logon to their article directory and select the submit button to fully complete the submission process.

While I don't much care for this extra step the financial possibilities for additional income are huge making it more than worth the trouble.

Once the article is posted you then navigate to that very same article that teaches people how to make easy cash from article directories like SearchWarp. Copy the URL for this exact article and begin promoting it from wherever seems logical to you. The result is that while you are building a following for your own website offerings, you are also making easy money from Google AdSense in the process.