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Friday, October 10, 2008

Storyboard Template For Multimedia Product Development

Multimedia product development is combining…

  • Text

  • Audio

  • Still images

  • Animation

  • Interactivity

  • Video

In a targeted niche format that reaches your target audience in a cohesively structured way.

With that said here is a storyboard template that you can use to successfully create your own multimedia projects.

*** STEP 1: Determine The Text ***

You've got to start somewhere. Starting with text is as logical a place as possible to begin. Based on the following factors…

  • Target audience

  • Domain name

  • Experiential knowledge

Determine what text you are going to put into each new page. I highly recommend using the bum marketing process with this as I have seen instant Google front-page listings as a result.

*** STEP 2: Define User Interactions ***

Will you allow your readers to respond via a forum or blog?

Do you know that linking a blog to your website is an excellent way of driving up your Google search engine rankings? It's certainly not the only way, but it is a way you should definitely consider.

Also, please please please provide your readers with a way to navigate through your website. Yes, navigation bars work for this and I use them. I also recommend installing an automated search engine like OddCast on your website so that finding things on your website is as easy as pie.

*** STEP 3: Decide On Hyperlinks ***

I've been doing this and didn't even realize it until this article.

I start my articles in MS Word. During the writing I highlight those areas where I will be placing hyperlinks. Once finished I create the new web page, knowing exactly where hyperlinks should be going within that specific article.

Further, I have links to internal related articles at the bottom of each page. Since they are already created for that subject area it is a quick copy/paste process to completion.

*** STEP 4: Do You Include Audio ***

Everything from entrance and exits sounds to a spoken message should be considered.

Typical types of messages that you could include would be…

* The article itself in spoken form
* Coverage of a related topic to the content of your article
* A welcome message letting people know how they can best use your website

Whatever the case, going beyond text to other content forms is a highly advisable recommendation. Further, high quality audio files are what make for successful podcasts.

*** STEP 5: Develop Your Videos ***

All successful Internet marketers should do videos. Videos that are submitted to video directories receive a PR7 or above backlink in most cases. That's why even a poor video is better than no video at all. However, if you create a quality video you can anticipate gaining a larger audience from that video.

Just be sure that the video is niched to the same target audience as your article is. This should not be that difficult, since to start with you created a text file for this same group. Just tell people about what you wrote in a visually user friendly approach.

*** Conclusion ***

Now you know how to

  • Determine

  • Define

  • Decide

  • Do

  • Develop

You're way to multimedia success. Follow this storyboard template advice often and you will find it easy to reach the multimedia product development success you are looking for.