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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Using Blogger Blogs For Killer Minisites Can Boost Online Sales

Killer Minisites.

What are they and how will using Blogger Blogs help their creations.

According to Wikipedia a minisite is…

"A minisite is a website on which companies offer information on one particular product or product group. Typically, a minisite is enhanced by various multimedia contents, such as an animated, narrated introduction, and accompanied by a visual scheme, which complements the product well."

I would add that the purpose of a successful minisite is to boost online sales.

Often times a minisite can consist of only one or two pages, however when using a blog platform for the minisite it can actually become quite a large site after only a short amount of time.

Since blogs allow you to add one article at a time you can easily piece meal things into a dynamic approach that is easy to maintain. If you take an aggressive approach of writing a new article every day in only 30 days you have 30 pages. Just make sure to set a realistic writing schedule that you can maintain in the long run.

Following this 60 day plan Google raised my page rank value on their system from 0 to 3 on a 0 – 10 scale.

Simply put search engines love properly managed blogs.


Many reasons really. Blogs are…

* Interactive by making comments and responses to posts that are made.
* Fresh, with new content and articles being posted frequently.
* Easy to publicize when implementing technology like FeedBurner which leads to backlinks from high PR websites.

If that were all that blogs offered it would be more than enough. Fortunately, that's just the start.

On my Blogger Blogs I also include…

* A targeted search engine compliments of Google Adsense, which is another fine product from Google.
* The ability to know when new posts are made via Email or RSS feed compliments of FeedBurner.
* A "read more" link, which helps people know what has been posted recently in a glance rather than weeding through countless pages of undesirable content.
* Video, audio and text content that appeals to every kind of reader rather than just those who happen to be speed-readers.
* And that's really just the start.

Using Blogger blogs for creation of killer minisites is quite an easy undertaking. Done right they can boost online sales much better than a traditional website is able to do. With that said, use Blogger blogs for your Internet Marketing ventures and watch the success come pouring in.