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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Using Broad, Phrase And Exact Keywords

Pay per click (PPC) advertising works if and only if, you know how to work PPC.

PPC gone awry may do painfully little more than cost you a great deal of money unless of course you customarily win lotteries and hit jackpots.

However, PPC does not have to be a game of chance for you to succeed. While it's true that there is a certain amount of risk involved knowing how to work with certain concepts can turn pure luck into an educated and calculated strategy.

One of the best ideas to gain a grasp around would be using broad, phrase and exact keywords. Not to mention negative keywords, which I discussed in my last article.

The keyword we will for the following examples will be "viral video marketing"

*** Broad Match Keyword ***

To create a broad match keyword you simply put the keyword as is into Google Adwords keyword creation box.

So a broad match keyword would look like this…

viral video marketing

This is normally considered as the most expensive least targeted option you can select. However, sometimes you find your best results with a broad match keyword.

*** Phrase Match Keyword ***

A phrase match keyword will trigger your Google PPC campaign whenever someone types in a phrase that contains your selected long tail keyword combination. To turn a broad match keyword into a phrase match keyword you simply add quotes like this…

"viral video marketing"

Now your Adwords campaign will trigger when people include your phrase in their search. That means that any of following options will display your Adwords advertising…

* viral video marketing
* viral video marketing tips and tricks
* creative viral video marketing

*** Exact Match Keywords ***

Starting from square one with the broad match keyword, to create an exact match [ ] you add brackets to your broad keyword. Be sure they are the right brackets! For people to find your PPC advertising with this option they have to enter your exact phrase into Google search. Therefore, if viral video marketing is your selected broad match phrase neither of the two following options will display your advertising.

* viral video marketing tips and tricks
* creative viral video marketing

Only when people type in…

[viral video marketing]

Will they find your PPC project. While this is the most limiting of the three options, the traffic you receive is highly targeted for your exact offer. Which means, using this PPC option is indeed highly recommended.

*** Closing Tips ***

Broad, phrase and exact keywords should be used in unison especially at the start of a new PPC campaign. As it becomes apparent which keywords are working best you may decide to drop keywords that are not producing your desired results. In most cases, maintaining a mix of phrase and exact keywords is your best option. In all cases, monitor the results of your campaign while adding and subtracting keyword options where appropriate.