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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Create Videos

Internet marketing.

Many people know about it. Painfully few people know how to do it successfully.

Today I'd like to discuss exactly why you should add "create videos" to your online marketing strategies. After all if you’re an Internet marketer who is worth their salt you've already dabbled in…

* Article writing
* Social bookmarking
* Social networking

and a plethora of other activities, not to forget SEO. But, why are creating videos such an important part of the equation?

Yesterday I wrote two helpful articles. One was for article directories and the other for video directories. I decided to make those articles even more valuable by including the PR (page rank) level of each directory.

Boy was I surprised.

Google has spiders. Not the kind that leave nasty welts on people's bodies. Fact is, if you create your web correctly these spiders can be your ticket to success. When they visit your website or blog they examine everything very closely through stastical compellations. Your web project then receives a rating based on things like…

* How relevant your site is to your niche market
* Your traffic level and how long they stay
* Backlinks (Links that point to your website that do not need to be returned.)

And many other things, but this article concerns those backlinks. After compiling the list of article and video directories that I mentioned earlier I found something very surprising and extremely valuable if acted upon.

While article directories had an average PR of 3 or 4 video directories averaged PR's between 7 & 8. The higher a PR level is with 10 being the top the better it is. I honestly expected the PR's between the two different types of directories to be near the same.

Boy was I surprised.

The question is, would you rather have a PR7 pointing back to you or a PR3. The obvious answer would be a PR7. However, even with this information in tow I would recommend a combination of the two. Which means I would use articles and videos together as a whole.

Here's what I am planning to do from this point forward.

1. Instead of submitting my work to 28 article directories as I have been doing, I'm going to cut it down to only 10. If I had the finances to put the whole project to an automated article submission process I would do exactly that. Currently, I don't. But things are changing quite rapidly since I launched my GoDaddy website last May.

2. Choose 5 to 10 video directories that I will submit my online videos to on a daily basis using the multimedia directory I created yesterday. Again, if I had the economic means to do so I would set this part of the task to the best automated video submission tool that is on the market today.

3. Once my articles/videos are accepted submit the whole process to 1 of my 4 pillar social bookmarking sites. Then let the lesser social bookmarking utilities know that these pillars have been updated on a frequent basis.

4. Finally, let my social networks know that these bookmarking services have been updated.

5. Rinse and repeat the above process on a daily basis.

If you consider that only submitting articles has taken my blog from a PR0 to a PR3 in less than 6 months it just makes sense to expand to these other areas for the best results with my overall PR levels. That's why I recommend you do the same for your projects while making sure that you create videos as often as you possibly can.