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Friday, October 3, 2008

Why Online Internet Marketers Should Use Advertising Co-Ops

Internet marketing.

Those two words are very well known within the life of all online Internet Marketers.

Advertising Co-ops.

Now there are two words that are often way more overlooked than they should be. In my last article I looked at success tips for co-ops. It's now time to see why Internet marketers everywhere should include participation within an advertising co-op.

Telling people about your product within Ezine newsletters is extremely affective. Especially if…

* The Ezine is targeted to your niche
* The Ezine has a healthy following
* The Ezine has been in the industry for more than a couple of days

However, advertising within online publications, newsletters and Ezine's can indeed be a very costly endeavor, especially if you place your advertisement with a publication that meets all three criteria's from the above list.

The three most common ways of getting an advertising spot with an online Ezine are…

* Solo Ads: You are the only ad within a given release of the publication. Typically these are the most expensive types of advertisements since they limit the ability for other advertisers to place their advertisements in that issue of the publication.

* Top Sponsor Ads: These are typically the second most expensive types of advertisements for people to participate in. The reason is simple; these advertisements come at the top of the newsletter before the publisher even has a chance of displaying the content of their publication.

* Classified Ads: Have you ever picked up a newspaper to find local area garage sales or logged on to a job board trying to find the perfect career for yourself? If so, you've seen different versions of classified ads. In an online publication the classified ad section normally focuses on different offerings within a given niche industry. While these are the least expensive option avoiding them altogether would be a mistake.

In closing here is my own personal favorite Ezine directory that will help you in finding the best possible publications for you to work with.


Another approach to this concept that a lot of people use is placing ads through Google PPC.

Here is a program unlike any other that you may be interested in investigating further.

* Free Google PPC Ads

There are over 30,000 Ezine publications for online Internet marketers to form advertising co-ops around today. Therefore adding this strategy to your online marketing campaigns is not only highly suggested but it is also strongly recommended.