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Monday, November 3, 2008

Adding Negative Keywords To Your Adwords Advertising

Ever find yourself in a dilemma of indecision?

Should I eat a second piece of that double fudge chocolate cream pie?

Or should I not?

Should I... Should I not... She loves me... she loves me not

Enough already…


Today's article is kin to that dilemma within the world of Internet Marketing.

Should I put out my hard earned cash for Google pay per click advertising?

Or… should I not?

In this case the answer is definitely yes! Yes, you should and yes you should not pay for Google rankings.

I don't suppose that clears these matters up much does it? Okay, let me break it down. Let's talk about why you should indeed spend money on pay per click advertising.

*** IT's FAST ***

Compared to many other forms of Internet Marketing such as…

* Article marketing
* Video marketing
* Search Engine Optimization

And the list truly does go on. The advantage that pay per click advertising has over other forms of online marketing is that it can drive a horde of clients to your offerings very fast.

That's good!


That's bad!

If you have not designed your pages correctly you may get a ton of visitors that do absolutely nothing more than come to your website and then leave. I'm not sure about you, but my pocket book won't sustain such activity over the long haul. I use this formula to figure that out…

1000 visitors X 0 sales = 0 income

Mind you, I'm no mathematician but that doesn't look very promising in the long run. So be prepared for your visitors before you start your PPC campaigns.

*** IT's EASY ***

Well sort of.

Once you figure out the different screens and such it can become easy to setup new campaigns. Be sure to setup two ads for every campaign so that you can monitor the results discarding the one that is not performing while improving upon the one that brought you the good results.

Also… do a Google search for the Google Adwords Editor tool. I have mixed feelings about this tool, but if you like it, it certainly will stream line things for you. One of the best parts about this tool is that it is free for use. So if you try it and don't like it you pay just as much as if you try it and like it. Zip!

*** IT's GOOGLE ***

Like it or not Google has a formidable chunk of the search engine traffic. That being said, wouldn't you want to be found on the Google search engines? I would. Especially if I could find long tail keywords that would get me there relatively inexpensively. Most all niches have such words, and with a little help from bum marketing you will be well on your way to finding which ones they are.

Once you uncover the gold nuggets that are simply waiting for someone to discover them you can build your AdWords campaigns around them.


Running a pay per click Google campaign is easy.

Running a well-designed Google campaign that brings in massive revenue can indeed be a bit more challenging.

However, paying for Google rankings via pay per click advertising is indeed something that is likely to supercharge you Internet business exposure as long as you do it strategically.