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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blog Profits: Effectively Using Multimedia For Blog Profits


If you are not participating in this interactive form of Internet Marketing today, you are missing a huge opportunity in blog profits.

Even if you have a website you still want to blog. Better yet, link your website and blog together and let their popularity grow off one another.

Today, we will look at how effectively using multimedia while blogging will super-charge your chances of success on the net.

*** Using Written Content ***
Perhaps the easiest most used form of blogging is by using written content. There are several excellent reasons for this, not the least of which it is much easier to write content than record audio or create videos for the Internet. However, that pendulum is indeed changing.

More than that, people today are much more interested in listening or watching content as opposed to reading. It's a sad truth to face, but it is non-the-less a truth.

With Blogger you can invite guests contributors to write articles for you.

Also, there are hundreds of article directories where you can post articles with bi-lines back to your website.

As far as search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned you need written content in today's Internet Marketing world if you hope to gain the love of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo & such.

*** Using Audio Content ***
If a person is…

* Driving
* Working around the house

Or wanting to do something while listening to the information in the background an audio file would be ideal for their purposes.

Just don't set your audios to be automatic upon arrival at your website. They are great if people want to listen to them, but being forced to listen to them can drive people away from your website in droves.

*** Using Video Content ***
People love video, they just do. Especially videos that are, at least, quasi professional.

What you may not know is that you can gain higher PR backlinks when using video than you do with article directories.

Three ways in which successfully uses video multimedia within their website are.

* Text links which anyone can find on the side bar.
* Videos spliced in on the front page.
* Videos available on auxiliary pages of the website.

Varying where you have videos and how they are accessed keeps the site lively, fun & interesting.

*** Concluding Multimedia ***
Along with all the above blogs offer an interactive way for an audience to take place in an article, audio or video. Adding this fact to aspects of how a person can start effectively using multimedia makes it quite easy to earn blog profits while continuing to build your Internet Marketing dream come true.