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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Is It A Sales Mechanism Gone Bad, Or Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Does affiliate marketing work as a good sales mechanism?

If you relate personally to the following thoughts, this article is your oasis in a world of Internet marketing madness.

Have you've joined an affiliate program center like


Or perhaps you have focused in on specific companies by joining affiliate programs from


Or you've stumbled upon what you think is the worlds greatest widget and joined even more niched companies as an affiliate. For me that would include companies like

* (Video broadcaster and a whole lot more.)
* (Interactive search engine that can be integrated into most any website.)
* (Automated newsletter service people subscribe to when visiting your web.)

And the list goes on and on and on.

You've told everyone you can think of about these tools.
You've even Emailed your entire personal contact list (a BIG no no in the world of Internet Marketing.)

And yet, when you logon to their super powered high quality affiliate marketers exclusive detail screen you still see the same results of "0 Sales" staring back at you. It's now that you begin to wonder if affiliate marketing even works.

The answer is, YES! It really does.

The problem is not in the concept of affiliate marketing, but rather training.
Think about it for a moment.

A doctor spends thousands of dollars studying to be the best in their field.

A lawyer has to pass a comprehensive bar exam before they can practice.

Heck, ever a truck driver has requirements to meet before some companies will even pay them the time of day.

And yet, here you are "with link will travel" and expected to know exactly how to make things work for you. Isn't that just a little more than ridiculous?

Of course, you could join any of a number of services that promise you the moon. All you have to do is spend an outlandish amount of money and they will gladly show you the way to your castle.

Let's see. Given our current economy most people are starting out with a negative of some sort. Let's be conservative and say that you are currently behind by $5000 (hey, your one of the lucky ones.)

Current debt = Negative $5000
Affiliate sales = $0
Affiliate training = Negative $1000 or more!
Grand Total = Negative $6000

I don't know about you, but in my opinion that math is just not headed in the right direction.

Thus, I was not to keen on affiliate marketing until yesterday. It was then that I stumbled upon

*** The Second Tier ***

* Free affiliate sign-up (normal)
* Free Monday training calls (NOT normal)
* Free articles, videos (NOT normal)
* Instant access to help via Email and phone (NOT normal)

Fact is *** The Second Tier *** has so many NOT NORMAL advantages to affiliate marketing that it makes there entire package solid gold.

Did I tell you about *** The Second Tier *** free training materials? No? Well, take my word for it; you want to check their system out.

So, next time you find yourself asking
Does affiliate marketing work as a good sales mechanism follow-up with this question. When was the last time I stopped by *** The Second Tier *** and proceed accordingly.