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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For Serious Internet Marketers Only: Here Is The Ultimate List Of Free Blogging Platforms For Serious Internet Marketers Only.

Are you an Internet Marketer?


I'm not talking about some mammy pansy wannabe. If your just a wishful dreamer without the gumption to put what you learn into practice, then stop reading now and go find some get rich quick scheme you can lose thousands of more dollars within.

I'm serious!

On the other hand, if you rank yourself within the category of serious Internet Marketers then this article on free blogging platforms will be a valuable resource for you to use.

You're still reading?


That means I didn't offend you earlier, and you will be glad you stayed.

Before I provide you with the list here are some things you really need to know about successfully web marketing.

First, blogs are in! Oh sure, websites are good too. But search engines really love blogs. The ultimate is combining a blog and website together in a singular package while letting the growth from one dramatically affect the others success.

Second, you really can get to the top of Google's search engine, or any search engine, with highly targeted longtail keyword marketing. It's the bread and butter of your success no matter where you build from; it's just easier to do these things upon a blog.

Third, you want to set the goal of providing something to your blog every day. Search engines love active websites and will reward you handsomely for such things through high page ranks, Google included.

I know, I know. Sometimes life gets out of control and you don't get everything done in a day that you would prefer. That's why this is a goal, not a requirement. I go a whole week at times not getting articles written. During such periods I just reaffirm to myself that the next week will be better.

There are actually, quite a lot of hints and tips about blogs. However the biggest of them all is that you need to have a blog. Not doing so will really cost you a great deal. With that said here is the list you have been looking for. (PR4) (PR6) (PR6) (PR4) (PR8) (PR5) (PR7) (PR5) (PR8) (PR5) (PR4) (PR7) (PR8) (PR5) (PR7) (PR6) (PR7) (PR9) (PR7) (PR3) (PR5) (PR5) (PR7) (PR6) (PR8) (PR5) (PR7) (PR6) (PR7) (PR4) (PR7) (PR8)

For serious Internet Marketers any of these free blogging platforms will help you create the blogging empire you are looking for.

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