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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Google Ranking: Using Long Tail Keyword Marketing For Free Google Ranking

I just wrote an article on why you want to use pay per click advertising for Google ranking success.

Want to know a secret?

I constantly am getting articles on the front page of Google for free.

No really.

I am!

The question is if you could get on the first pages of the Google search engines for free or pay for the exact same service, which would you prefer?

Yeah, I know. You're probably taking the no cost option. But the bottom line answer is that you want to combine both methods for optimal success.

Think of what your success would be if you dominated even one front page on Google that was related to your niche target audience.

Were not talking about keyword phrases like "Joe the plumber". Who's going to find you that way, unless of course there happens to be a presidential election taking place.

Here's the process for finding your top long tail keywords within any given niche.

First, you determine a niche. In my case it would be Internet marketing. In your case it's whatever your business or charity is about. For sake of simplicity I'll stick with the Internet marketing niche for my examples.

Okay, what keywords are within my niche?

* Blogging
* Keyword
* Social networking
* And the list goes on… and on… and on

Anyone of the above keywords is a great place to start for my niche target audience.

I'll select "KEYWORD" with a result of typing this word with quotes into Google's search engine.
"keyword" = 596,000,000 competitors. I find this out by looking at the blue bar (Where it reads 1 of 10…) on the top of Google's results returned screen. Wow, 596 MILLION other people are targeting this keyword? My chances of breaking into this market are about as good as a snow ball in hell's lake of fire.

I know… let's try adding something to it.

"keyword marketing" = 200,000 competitors. That number sure looks better, though I am really looking for results between 1000 & 5000 strong.

Let's see. If I added one word and the competitors dropped severely what would happen if I added even more words?

"success with long tail keyword marketing" = 0 competitors. Hey! That's great right? I've got this segment all to my self! Problem is very few people are searching for this exact long tail keyword. Building from this will leave your Internet marketing career quite lonely indeed.

How about…

"long tail keyword marketing" = 3,170 competitors. BINGO! We found a keyword phrase to target.

But wait. There's more! If we remove the quotes we find an additional amount of competitors.

long tail keyword marketing = 109,000 competitors

For a grand total of 112,170 competitors.

From my own personal experience I know if I target the lower number (3,170) of competitors using article marketing or video advertising I'll stand a very good chance of being listed on the higher (109,000) list as well. All without paying a single dime of my hard earned money to Google for my awesome Google ranking.

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