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Thursday, November 6, 2008

How To Attract And Keep Customers Coming Back To Your Website With Product Centric Marketing Verse Customer Centric Marketing

Do you have a website?

Are you happy with the flow of traffic to your website?

Many people think that if they just get a website built everything else will work like a fine tuned instrument. They spend thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours on the build only to find a small trickle coming through the system that they have created.

The key piece they missed was marketing. No matter how good a site might be, if it is not properly marketed it's over before it ever begins.

That is why it is important to understand how to attract and keep customers coming back to your website.

Here are two approaches to this process.

* Product centric marketing
* Customer centric marketing

*** Product Centric ***
With product focused marketing you start with the product as your main focus. Your main concerns include

* Detailed outlines of the features and benefits of the product
* Price comparisons with competitors in the industry

Simply put, everything points exonerating the product with little concern for the person viewing the product. This type of marketing can work if you are working with an industry leader in your field.

*** Customer Centric ***
This is my own personal favorite way of marketing.

Sure, what I am selling is important but the customer experience while they are visiting my website is far more important. If they find your website cumbersome and hard to understand they aren't likely to be visiting again.

However, if they find your website

* Easy to navigate
* Informative
* Pleasing
* Friendly

Then, not only will they be returning again and again, but also they will be telling their friends and family about what they have found. Word of Mouth advertising is one of the fastest ways to build any business even on the web.

*** Drawing More Visitors ***
You can also draw visitors by properly using other methods.

Some are free

* Article marketing
* Video marketing
* Social networking & bookmarking

Others like pay per click advertising can cost a pretty penny.

Whatever method you use to tell people about your website don't forget the valuable asset of basic search engine optimization strategies. Also, with websites you may need to wait a good 6 months to 1 year before you really start to see the volume of visitors you are wanting.

*** Keep Them Returning ***
It amazes me how many excellent websites I see on the market with outstanding content which have no method of helping people return once they have visited.

Using automatic newsletter services like Aweber (my favorite), this is truly a slam-dunk process that can be easily and quickly implemented on any website. With a newsletter you can tell people about

* Special events
* Unique opportunities
* New content

And pretty much anything else that you think they would be interested in knowing about.

Simply put, newsletters are my own personal favorite way of getting visitors to return to my website offerings.

Now that you know how to attract and keep customers coming back to your website you can succeed online no mater if you are using product centric marketing or customer centric marketing. Here's to your success.