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Sunday, November 2, 2008

How To Choose Online Perfect Business Name For Your Website Business

Have you ever seen a bad domain name? Would you even know one if it was staring right back at you?

My guess is that most people wouldn't. That's why you find website domains like…


In the process of explaining the problems with the above domain names I would like to show you how to choose online for the perfect business name of your website business.

*** ***
This may be a good domain for people who know painter Pete. However, there is so much more potential with the web than just keeping in touch with your current contacts. Even if your interest in the web is localized to your general geographical location there are things you can do to target that market via the web.

* Google Adwords
* Craig's List
* Ebay

All come to mind in this regard, though this article is not intended to delve into the finer points of how to use those resources geographically.

Several questions come to mind when I look at this domain.

* What type of painting are we talking about? (Let's presume it's exterior house painting)
* Is this a properly optimized domain name? (We will turn to Google for these answers)

Google tells me I have 38,000,000 competitors for the word "painter". Not Good. As for the word Pete, it lends no value to the subject of painting and as such should be dropped altogether.

Using the principals of bum marketing I narrow my domain down to only having 6,410 competitors and arrive at "your house painter". I take this information over to my favorite domain server, to find if it is available. Unfortunately I find that is already taken. Not to worry, if I simply put hyphens between each word I arrive at and find it to be available. Now when people go to Pete's website it will not be hard for them to understand what it is about.

*** ***
At first glance this looks like an excellent domain name.

Competition is only 1,860.

While the URL may not give away what exactly is being sold it is alluring enough that people will check it out.

So what's the problem?

Most people are familiar with the ".com" of websites. While other extensions are indeed available keeping the extension to what people are familiar with will help drive traffic to your website.

Looking into we find that is indeed available for purchase. Well, at least it was until I bought it. The point here is to stay to the ".com" for best results with your website business.

*** ***
Unlike Pete, Don can travel anywhere to do wedding photos. It doesn't even have to be the same state, though their talent must be extraordinary to have their service brought over from another state. Thus we will focus on the state of Washington for this review.

Don has two keywords in her domain name, which is good. Unfortunately If we take a look at Google, I'm betting competition is going to be fierce.

And I am right. There are over 3,550,000 competing for this keyword phrase. Can we narrow the scope while providing people with more information about this service?

Eureka! We can. "washington wedding photos" only has 946 competitors. We rush off to and discover that is already taken. Since we are already niched down with an excellent domain name we could add Don's name back ending up with and an available domain.

Yes, we could have used the hyphen trick from earlier, but sometimes that is not the preferred way of handling things. There is some level of making choices that plays into picking domain names.

*** Concluding Comments ***
Now you know the secretes of selecting a perfect business name for your website business. You can use the same type of approach when it comes to deciding how to choose online articles, videos or even pay per click advertising. May you have much success with your Internet Marketing ventures.