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Friday, November 7, 2008

Public Domain: Developing Mini Sites With Free Public Domain Information

Free public domain information can be a valuable asset to your success on the Internet.

Public domain information can also be referred to as public property which is not legally owned or controlled by any one individual and as such is open for people to use in any way that they may desire.

This can be a real boon for people who are developing mini sites and/or blogs. In today's market creating a blog around public property information is much easier than developing a full blown website. Considering that search engines show more appreciation for blogs than websites it just makes sense to build a niched blog instead of taking the time to put together a more complex website.

Case in point. I started creating a website focused on helping people succeed with Internet Marketing in April 2008. It was sometime in August of that year that I resurrected an old blogging profile that I hadn't used for some time and merged the two together. The blog was a PR1, which I have come to understand to be like putting an address in the phone book and never looking it up. My website has reached the level of PR2 since its creation. On the other hand my blog went from a PR1 to PR0 to PR3 in less than 2 months. I have been building both projects on a daily basis. Thus I conclude Google has more appreciation for blogs than websites.

So far we have covered what public property is as well as the best platform to put such information together within.

The question now becomes, where can a person find public property that they can use to build their desired topically niched blogs?

NOTE: I thought I could do a Google and provide you with a nice list of places to find public property information. I WAS WRONG! It took me over 30 minutes to find the following free public domain information for developing mini sites. Oh sure, I could have sent you to places where you would have to pay for the information, but how valuable would that be? With that said, I hope you enjoy these following resources and use them often.

* Project Gutenberg @
* Internet Public Library @
* Search eBooks @
* Open Video @
* Creative Commons @

There is one item I would recommend purchasing to help you find the public property information you are looking for. It is different than anything else I've seen on the market:

Public Domain Expert Toolbar

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