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Friday, November 21, 2008

What Is A Bum Marketer Traffic Creation Process?

Perhaps it would be easier to explain what a bum marketer traffic creation process is not.

It is not dressing in shabby close while standing in middle of the freeway. While that may indeed create traffic, the resulting popularity equation is quite likely to be rather low. There is however a positive way of answering this question which, in time, will lead to hordes of visitors coming to your website and/or blog.

I talk about bum marketing rather frequently. Truth be known it is one of my favorite styles of marketing. Today I decided to take a reverse look at this entire process from what I have explained in previous articles.

*** HitTail ***

First I install hittail on the site I desire to build. Then I start the game of wait writing building articles and content using marketing methods for bums that I explain in other articles on my site.

It may take awhile, but soon I see my first trickle of results from HitTail. They tell me how people are finding my site. In time, what I first found as a trickle because an all out gushing river of keyword ideas and concepts for me to write about.

*** Beyond HitTail ***

As I look through the results I find topics I would like to write about. For example, this article was built directly from the resulting processes. I created the title from keywords I thought I wanted to use while weeding out those that did not fit the process.

How did I know what did and did not fit?

By using simple Google searches with my desired keywords in quotes (ie " ")

*** An Example ***

With all the news about Acai berries lately, let's say I wanted to write an article about this powerful antioxidant for my blog. I go to Google and put in the following.


And find that there are 5,020,000 competitors fighting for that keyword by looking at the blue bar at the top of the Google results. Ouch! If I hope to compete in this market I better do something and fast.

One of about a trillion logical options would be to change my search to the following.

"Acai berries"

Now I only have 234,000 competitors. Clearly, that took a huge bite out of the competition, but for best results I want to find a keyword phrase that has between 1000 and 5000 competitors. Some competition is good, just as long as you don't drown in the process.

On the good side however, there is a healthy amount of AdWord ads on the right column. People pay good money for these ads. If people are paying the chances are terrific that there is money to be made off this keyword phrase.

However, I'm not going to settle for a nugget when the gold mine is just around the corner.

So I look to the left and the right of the results down the middle of the page as well as in the AdWords till I find something I would like to add to my keyword phrase and come up with.

"Acai berries facts"

Only 20 competitors! Now we need to alter things till it's between 1000 & 5000. After only 5 minutes of searching I find the perfect long tail keyword phrase.

"Chocolate Acai berry"

Which has lots of people paying for Google AdWords as well as a healthy dose of competition coming in at 1,980 competitors.

However, by itself it doesn't seem to make much sense.

What if we added two longtail keyword phrases together to arrive at an enticing title of something like?

What are the healthy benefits of chocolate acai berry products?

Now all I need to do is write an article with the chosen long tail keyword phrase in the first and last paragraph, post it to my site and wait for the traffic creation to take affect. While any real bum marketer knows that this won't happen over night, it is true that good things come to people that wait.

NOTE: But what if you applied this entire process to PPC? Can you say zoooommmmmmmm!