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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Should You Consider Before Choosing An Affiliate Program?

Your reputation!

Nothing like starting an article with the answer, but it's true. If you promote a bad affiliate program you will be sorry in more ways than one.

Perhaps you've heard statements like

* 1 negative can destroy 100 positives
* No news travels as fast as bad news
* A bad report can kill a good concept

It's true you know. And never is it truer than in the life of an affiliate marketer. Therefore there are some things you need to know before choosing an affiliate program to promote.

Many people will tell you that you need to know the product first hand. You need to buy, experience & digest whatever it is before you market it. This certainly isn't bad advice, but sometimes it can be quite impractical.

Better still, would be to know your established niche.

* Who are you trying to reach?
* What are their hot buttons?
* How can you show yourself the expert of their issues?

You don't want to peddle just any product that happens to catch your eye. Instead, your niche audience needs to have an extreme interest in your product even before you attempt to market it. How do you know what your audience is interested in?

You could take a poll or a survey.

However, I recommend that you build your nice site (consider blogs), and then go look for resources that compliment what you have built.

Other things to consider include

* The reputation of the company
* The support available for your given product
* The cost of your item
* And how long it has been available to the market

You could have the "world's best mouse trap." But what are you going to do if everyone interested in this product of yours already has more than enough of whatever it is you are attempting to market to them?

I heard a story recently about a woman that had built an entire website around a given product. One month after she opened for business her supplier shut down and she could not find another supplier. She had orders to refund, complaints to field & business to run. The only thing she didn't have was the actual product.

Bottom Line: What a nightmare. Be sure that your company is stable.

There are many things to consider before choosing an affiliate program to manage. Making sure that all the above points are among them will help your cusses to grow and grow and grow.

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