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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How I use Long tail keyword marketing to drive massive traffic to my favorite affiliate marketing programs of 2008.

Long tail keyword marketing rocks! Especially when you implement free tools like with it.

Before, I tell you how to drive massive traffic to my (or your) website let me take a moment and expose my favorite affiliate marketing programs of 2008. There are several things that go into making up this following list including:

* 95% of my favorites are membership websites.
* 90% are well known highly reputable sites.
* 100% of my favorites are directly related to my niche.
* 90% I am personally presently using on my own projects.

For whatever affiliate programs you decide to run with I recommend following the above list for yourself. After all, it's your own reputation on the line when you support something that is clearly not a good tool. Further, I love high quality affiliate membership programs because I get paid month after month after month.

With that said, here is my list:

Aweber: Automated Email Marketing
It is my own personal opinion that Aweber is as the top of the automated Email marketing programs out there, with no exceptions. Not only do they have an awesome tool, but Aweber also has top of the line customer support over the phone and directly online. From personal experience I highly recommend using this valuable tool for all your Email correspondence and while you're at it, become an affiliate and promote them to your own niche. No matter what you are marketing everyone needs to incorporate an online newsletter into his or her business model.

US Free Ads: Online Classified Advertising
If you are looking for a place to put classified ads look no further. Okay, I'll admit, Craig's list probably has this tool beat in amount of current participation. However, when was the last time that they paid you for referring traffic to their website? I believe US Free Ads is a newer concept than that other popular ad network and as such will surpass them in the near future both in design and popularity. I've personally used this service throughout 2009 and find it to be an extremely valuable tool for all my Internet Marketing activities.

OddCast: Website Search Generator
It's time for a true confession. I have personally never ever used OddCast -- YET! But I'm going to be implementing this technology in 2009. It's no secret that interactivity is highly desired on the web today. Given that this site helps people find what they are looking for on YOUR website it is bound to increase visitor retention and return. Further, their animated characters ad spice to your website that people will enjoy using.

* Traffic Geyser: Video Directory Submitter
* Article Submitter: Article Submission Software
* Provide Support: Live Online Interactive Support
This probably would have made the top 3 of my list, but I only found out about it yesterday. Given that we are in December it wouldn't be right to say that this is my favorite affiliate program. However, if you are looking for a way to provide online support to your website visitors this is an extremely affordable high quality excellently supported tool that you should not be without. I am immediately implementing this technology on my own websites for obvious reasons.

Well, there you have it. The SEOGuy's own personal favorite affiliate marketing programs of 2008. But how do I use long tail keyword marketing techniques to drive massive traffic to my affiliates?


I do what I did above.

* I talk about them.
* I write about them.
* I feature them on my newsletter.

Word of mouth advertising is indeed the best form of advertising available today.

How To Become A Super Affiliate

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Favorite SEO Resources Verse My Favorite SEO Resources

Recently, this question popped up on my favorite Google Groups named…

“Google Search Engine Optimization SEO Google - MSN – Yahoo”

Everyone continues to contribute valuable content to this topic with their own preferred answers which basically amounts to a “Your Favorite SEO Resources Verse My Favorite SEO Resources” dialog with the end result of everyone walking away a winner.

Let’s take a look at some of the top picks I’ve seen so far from this conversation.

Duct Tape Marketing:
Providing simple, effective and affordable small business marketing advice and information for Internet Marketers.

Tatum Marketing:
Traffic * Conversation Rates * Customer Value = Revenue

SEOmoz serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide by providing education, tools, resources and paid services to help make every SEO the best they can be.

Reel SEO:
Video SEO, Online Video Marketing, & Internet Video Trends

Search Engine Land: (This is a personal favorite of mine)
Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines

1st On The List:
Internet Marketing, Website Marketing & Search Engine Marketing Articles

High Rankings:
Helping websites be the best they can be by achieving high rankings.

Red Cardinal:
Search Engine Optimization services.

I’ll be honest and say that unless noted otherwise on the above websites I did not spend more than a passing moment attempting to determine their value. Since someone in the group found these as important, I deemed them as such by reporting their findings.

Here are other sites related to the various aspects of SEO that I personally recommend using.

It’s hard to have good SEO without content, but not just any content will do for the true expert. That’s why I recommend using:

As they provide excellent free information in creating your title.

Along with Bum Marketing techniques which you can find out more about on my own SEO website.

SEO & Beyond:
Providing Internet marketing strategies and concepts for the rest of us.

There are literally hundreds of different options available on the web for gaining support. The point is to glean from the best while forgetting the rest. Only then will you be able to distinguish between:

* Your favorite SEO resources
* My favorite SEO resources

And those that are anything but favorite SEO resources.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Where To Place An Autoresponder Opt-In Form For The Best Plan E-Marketing Strategies

“Plan E-Marketing”

I wish that more people would see the extreme importance of those 2 words. Some sites I arrive at…

Well, let’s just say they are definitely NOT planned out.

Today, let’s talk about the where to place an autoresponder opt-in form for the highest conversions possible.

Many people like using pop-up technology for this aspect of their website, and when you review their statistical usefulness I can’t say as I blame them. Especially when you consider technologies that companies like Aweber autoresponder services bring into this picture.

Never-the-less, I personally have not found an affective way of using any form of pop-up that I am 100% pleased with and thus cannot recommend this alternative for the masses. Rather I like the KISS approach.


I think you’ve got the idea.

To that extent, I draw an invisible “Z” (make sure it’s invisible, getting permanent marker off a monitor can indeed be a huge pain in the butt ;) ) on my monitor. Wherever the “Z” points are found at are considered the “hot spots” of your website.

My own personal favorites are:
* Across the top
* Left hand side before article
* Across the bottom

As it relates to autoresponders it’s not a bad idea to have one at the bottom of each page, though I would certainly have one near the top too. Think of it though, if a reader has perused your content long enough to get to the bottom of your page they have deemed it relevant enough for them to spend more than a moments passing glance with. Now they find that they can get more valuable content by becoming part of your newsletter? I personally haven’t thought of this till writing this article, but it certainly does have at least a twinge of logic to it though I would certainly place an additional sign-up form near the top of your page too.

* On my website I integrate the form and the title together into the same section.
* On my blog I integrate the opt-in form and an Aweber add as the Aweber affiliate program is one of my best affiliate programs that I am part of.

How can I end an article about where to place an autoresponder opt-in form for highest conversion rates without at least mentioning the OTO (One Time Offer) plan E-Marketing strategy? I can’t.

While this article will not be dealing with OTO concepts directly, having one page that you send people to which includes a BRIEF audio, video or article and a sign-up form is not at all a bad idea. Under this approach you can be assured that your audience will not get lost before they become a valuable part of your newsletter subscription list. While I personally do not use this approach, for reasons of my own choosing, it is definitely worth considering when preparing your own E-Marketing strategies.

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* How Do I Use Video Search Engine Optimization

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Using An Auto-Responder: How To Attract Customers Back To A Website Using An Auto-Responder Aweber Opt-In Form

So you want to have a popular website? Who doesn’t?

Go away and leave me alone.


Your persistent aren’t you?

You want the truth about how to attract customers back to your website using an auto-responder?

Don’t be silly. You don’t have enough time in your day for this. And if you did you wouldn’t follow through anyway, would you?

That’s what I th…

You would?

Hmmmm, if that’s the case there is hope for you. I personally use an Aweber opt-in form for my own projects.

That’s right! Aweber rocks, and they will give you a free test drive just so you can kick their tires and rev their engine.

Want to know a secret? Just be sure not to let Aweber know. Last time I took their puppy for a spin I went from 0 to 90 in 1.5 seconds. Yeeeee Haaaaa! Hee hee.

Anyways, since you’re still reading you must be one of the privileged few. You really get the idea of what the Internet can do for your business. So let me cut to the case here.

First, give something of value away *choke* FR *gag* EE!!!!

Not just the same ordinary dried up hash that everyone else is sucker punching people with, but rather something of genuine value that people will appreciate for months or perhaps even years to come.

I’m working on an Ebook right now that is all about Bum Marketing. I’m going to charge $9.95 per copy for the Ebook or if you are part of my newsletter you get it uhhhh huuummmm – “that word” fre…. I can’t bear to say it twice in one article.

Once I get finished with this Ebook I will be writing a second one about Twitter.

You’re the expert of your “whatever it is.” So why not develop something that your customers will appreciate and then give it away to those that sign-up for your newsletter. This is called viral marketing at its best.

But even more than that, if you constantly provide your subscribers with top quality highly interesting newsletters your going to develop a reputation. Soon you will find that they are telling people about you and your resulting sign-ups skyrocket.

And it all started from an extremely simple to use Aweber opt-in form.

Just keep giving your audience high quality information and not only will it attract customers back to your website, but they will tell their friends about you! Can you think of a better advertising method than “word of mouth”? Don’t get me wrong. There are terrific ways of advertising out there. Aweber & Twitter are a couple that come to my mind, but even they pale in comparison to loyal readers telling interested friends and family about what you are doing.

Well, there you have it. How using an auto-responder can super-charge both your first time and repeat traffic. Now go get busy making Aweber autoresponder services work for you, and I’ll see you in the winners circle. Yeeeeee Hawwwwww.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

50 Ways To Leave A Tweeter!

Hop on the bus Gus.
Make a new plan Stan.

Wait! Wait!

That's the wrong article. I will tell you how to leave a Tweeter or stop someone from contacting you in TweetLand.

If you haven't followed them, it's easy. Instead of clicking "follow" click "block."

However, if you've already "followed" someone that you choose not to "follow" any longer then…

· Select "view all" from your follower list.
· Find your selected X-Tweeter
· Click "remove."

Mission accomplished, but this is something I trust you will never want to do with my Twitter handle, which is BodyByChocolate.

Twitter Local: A New Trend In Advertising For Local Twitter Users


Have you ever heard it’s a numbers game? If so, then you have heard right.

But following a new trend in advertising can be so expensive.

Enter stage right “Twitter Local.”

What is local Twitter?

It’s a tool for finding Twittering people in your local area. The best part is it doesn’t cost anything to use.


Of course, it can amount to nothing more than a social network that ties you together with friends who have common interests in a given community. And if that’s all you make of it, that’s terrific. However, this tool can be so much more valuable than that if you want it to be. The choice is really up to you.

Let’s say you have a business that focuses on healthy chocolate.

Why healthy chocolate? No reason, other than that it just sounds like a yummy business to have.

You start your local Twittering device and see that there are 5 conversations taking place.

* 3 of them have nothing to do with your business aspirations.
* 1 is talking about health
* 1 is talking about drinking a cup of cocoa

You get involved with the conversation about health, and after providing valuable content you also mention your healthy chocolate business. Since these people are talking about health there is a good chance that they will be interested in your business.

You share your favorite hot chocolate recipe with the “cup of cocoa” people while mentioning your own personal pursuits within this niche.

Certain people will begin to follow you as a result of your valuable comments. As they get to know you a natural progression would be to establish a time to meet. Since these are local Twitter people this is possible as opposed to not focusing on where they are located.

Twitter Local can indeed be used as a new trend in advertising if you just do it wisely.

Friday, December 12, 2008

3 More Essential Twitter Tools

Last week we looked at 4 essential Twitter tools, here are 3 more for your TweetBox.

1. TweetBeep: Find out when you're TweetVille talk by being notified when your name, service, product or niche is being discussed in TwitterLand.
2. Okay okay, this isn't a direct Twitter tool. Yet, it does setup all your social networking sites (Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter) to be updated from a single source.
3. TwitterLocal: Connect w/ other Twitters that our in your local area.

My Twitter handle is BodyByChocolate. Stop by and say "HI!" : )

Next issue, 50 Ways To Leave A Tweeter!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

4 Essential Twitter Tools

Here a tweet.
They're a tweet.
Everywhere a Twitter tweets.

Perhaps that's the problem?

How do people find the best success on Twitter?

Here are 4 essential Twitter tools I use for optimum success with

1: TwitterFox: Good for when I am working in Firefox instead of IE.
2: TweetLater: To post tweets at a later time or for when Twitter is not working.
3. TwitterFeed: Posts your blog posts to your Twitter account.
4. TwitterSearch: Find the latest hottest topics in the Twitterverse

Check back next week for 3 more essential Twitter tools.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Is Twitter?

Is it a bird? Yes.
Is it a plane? Absolutely.
Is it Web 2.0 at it's finest? You bet.

It is a social network that builds quick and easy followings.

Since starting my BodyByChocolate Twitter handle I have learned many things. Like people enjoy building communities but don't want to be sold. No, not rocket science here.

I've also learned...

* @DM's or Direct Messages should be used.
* You should add people to your fav's list.
* Check replies frequently.

Twitter is a social networking tool for building success in Internet related business. Next issue = Twitter neighbors.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Gain Guaranteed Targeted Traffic To Create A Strong Online Presence Using OddCast Inc.

Have you read "THOSE" articles before?

You know the one's that say do "this and you will be a millionaire in the next 2.5 seconds."

Or how about "how to gain guaranteed targeted traffic to crate a strong online presence in one easy step."

Those are the real pathetic one's.

Errr, wait!

Scratch that. It fits to close to my title that talks about Oddcast Inc.

But, you know, I wonder. Could it be possible that some articles actually do offer solid ways of guaranteed traffic?


Don't run off yet. Here me out.

I'm not talking about the pathetic hype and hope articles. I'm talking about authentically genuine ways of building a receptive audience. The way I would like to focus on today would be by using Oddcast.

What is Oddcast?

It is a search engine utility you can build into your site that has character.

I mean is character.

No, wait! It is character driven and quite catchy too. Actually it's a whole lot more than that, but that's my own favorite part of this awesome tool.
Okay, imagine this. You have a site that focuses on gidgets (hey, I could have said widgets you know.) Someone comes to your site looking for a purple polka dotted gidget but the page they land on is of your latest fidget models instead. After staying for 2.5 seconds they leave thinking you know nothing of the difference between a gidget and a fidget.

You have lost credibility.
You have lost a visitor.
But most of all, you have lost potential moola.

Who wants that?

Sign me up for the "not me" category.

So, let's imagine this scenario again with the inclusion of an Oddcast Character.

Same gidgetty fidgetty site.
Same website visitor.
Same potential purchase power.

The only difference is that when they arrive on your fidget page looking for a gidget instead of leaving they ask your Oddcast search engine if there is any information on gidgets. The Oddcast unit has been setup to know exactly how to respond to your visitor and its nothing but net from there.

Actually, it's more than "net".

It's a happy website visitor.
It's money in your pocket.

But most of all it's potential word of mouth advertising you have the chance of receiving as everyone knows gidget people travel in packs. Did you know that word of mouth advertising is the absolute best advertising you could ever receive? No really, it is. However, even if you are in the debating mood and choose to challenge that point, can you deny the potential positive affects of free advertising?

I'd continue this train of thought but I've got to go get my Seahawks had and cap out of the laundry for tonight's game. Therefore, I'll leave you to investigate Oddcast Inc. for yourself to determine if it really is an excellent guaranteed targeted traffic to website approach that is sure to build a strong online presence for whatever you are marketing.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Email Autoresponder: How Do You Create An Email Autoresponder Opt-In Email Form That Works

Have you heard that your websites success is in the list?

It's true.

A healthy thriving list is like pure gold to a miner. Its value is incomparable.

However, not all Email autoresponders are created equal.

So, how can you make an opt-in email form for your own website that really works.

First, you need to decide if you are going to run this program from your own mailbox or hire a service to maintain it for you. In my opinion Aweber is the absolute best solution available, you may decide differently but I would recommend checking it out before you do so.

Whatever you decide your next task is to position your sign-up form on your page correctly. Pop-ups are not highly recommended though Aweber does have a "fade in" option that they do advise using. I myself like the in text form, as they are much less intrusive.

However, you don't want to put the sign-up form just anywhere on your page. Instead, draw an imaginary "Z" on your monitor. Wherever that "Z" intersects with your page is a good place for your opt-in form. I personally prefer the upper left corner as it gets the most attention before the "real" content has been read.

Give something away on your form. People like free things. I remember the days when gas stations would give away free things so that you would purchase gas from them. Those days may be gone, but not on the Internet. I'm currently working on an EReport about how to write for the Internet, when it's complete I will charge non-readers while giving it away free to those who sign up for my newsletter. This concept encourages both sign-ups and loyalty if I do it right.

Use a double sign-up process for subscribing to your newsletter. While this may mean the loss of some readers, it avoids others accusing you of spam because they have to confirm that they actually want your newsletter before they start receiving it.

There are literally hundreds of ideas for making the most out of your opt-in Email form. Perhaps another would be to keep the content being offered in the opt-in form and the newsletter itself niched directly to the interests of your audience.

If you follow ideas like the ones above your Email autoresponder success will only be a heartbeat away.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In An Economic Depression Internet Marketers News Must Find And Report Truth Else They Steal The Empire State Building

I read an article today about how someone was able to steal the empire state building. I'm not sure if this article was factual or not, but I am sure that it brings up an excellent point that Internet Marketers news must find and report the truth in an economic depression.

Are we in a recession?

Are we in a depression?

I'll let those who deal with such things figure that out. After all, that's not my point.

I remember several years back while living in Seattle that the news came out of the Space Needle being moved to Moses Lake. The news was so convincing that many people actually believed that this was going to take place. I personally visited the Space Needle during this time and there was yellow tape clear around it? That yellow tape made the reports all that more convincing.

Eventually, the prank was exposed for what it was and the gag had run full circle.

Or how about the Orson Wells radio program of Martians invading the earth? There he was reading a book over the radio as if it were really taking place. People actually ended their lives over that prank.

When the credibility of a report is found to be faulty all further information is held in question. You don't need to be a professional journalist for this to be the case. For example, on my own voice mail I talk about healthy chocolate. I received a message recently telling me that healthy chocolate would be nice but it is truly an oxymoron.

Fortunately, I have clear factual evidence to backup the words of my voice mail on my Body By Chocolates blog.

So, did someone really steal the empire state building? I doubt it, but you can find that report at I can however tell you that credibility in Internet Marketing news no matter if you are in an economic boom or in an economic depression is imperative to the success of whatever project you happen to be working with.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Britney Spears News Outranks Letters To Santa Clause Using Twitter Tools

Ever use Twitter?

It's becoming a favorite tool of my own Internet Marketing processes. But how does this relate to Britney Spears news or letters to Santa Clause?


I saw this post earlier today:
"Britney Spears tops Yahoo searches"

Which led to an article about the extreme popularity of Britney Spears. Like, that's not rocket sciene.

Then I saw this post:
"Just unfollowed Santa Claus because he wouldn't follow me back... Nobody gets a pass"

Using Twitter can indeed be quite helpful for anyone's cause, but only if you use it in the right way.

What is Twitter?

It is a Web 2.0 Social Network where people have the ability to share whatever they choose as long as it is done in 140 words or less. The best place to find out more about Twitter is on or you could use for more help.

So how would Britney Spears, BodyByChocolate or anyone for that matter increase popularity on Twitter?

Here are some direct Twitter ways.
* Setup an account
* Actively participate in Tweeting, which means sending 140 character or less messages.
* Talk about interesting things that people want to here about.
* Be sure to check direct messages often

Here are some tools that could be used to further her cause.
* (Find people in your local area)
* (Promote a cause or event)
* (Find out the latest on what people are talking about)

And for the record how did Santa Clause get put on the knotty list?

When someone chooses to follow you, you need to follow them or they can simply remove you from their follow list. It's really only right to reciprocate a follow in the Web 2.0 world.

Remember you heard the truth about how Britney Spears news outranks letters to Santa Clause here first and follow BodyByChocolate for even more useful information about using Twitter tools as well as healthy chocolate consumption.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Profits: Do Article Directories Help Links Increase Blog Profits?

You've created a blog.

You've written and posted articles.

Now you want to know if submitting to article directories help links increase blog profits.

Perhaps, the best answer to that question is "it depends."

If you have been niching your content for your blog to a specific topic and this article relates to that topic then the answer is yes.

But why?

First, search engines love websites when they get backlinks. Especially when those backlinks are from websites that have at least a PR3 level. Increasing your popularity on the search engines will lead to more people finding your website through the engines. Consequently, the more people that visit your website the greater your chances of earning more income from your blog.

There is another way that you will directly benefit from article directories. People do actually use those directories and when they visit your website they have the chance of reading your signature line and clicking on the links within which lead to your blog or website.

However, if your article is well written, people have the opportunity of taking your article and posting it to their website. They get the content they need for their blog and you get the backlink you need for your popularity. In this way, everyone leaves being a winner.

These are the primary direct ways in which you benefit. There are others.

An indirect option happened to me a couple of years ago. Someone read my article in a directory, came to my website, and requested that I begin writing for them. This certainly isn't going to happen to everyone everyday; but it can happen to anyone any day of the week.

I personally use article submitter to get my articles to over 300 different directories. You are free to submit your articles manually if you prefer, but what a pain.

Therefore, done right, article directories help your links increase blog profits in many ways.