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Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Profits: Do Article Directories Help Links Increase Blog Profits?

You've created a blog.

You've written and posted articles.

Now you want to know if submitting to article directories help links increase blog profits.

Perhaps, the best answer to that question is "it depends."

If you have been niching your content for your blog to a specific topic and this article relates to that topic then the answer is yes.

But why?

First, search engines love websites when they get backlinks. Especially when those backlinks are from websites that have at least a PR3 level. Increasing your popularity on the search engines will lead to more people finding your website through the engines. Consequently, the more people that visit your website the greater your chances of earning more income from your blog.

There is another way that you will directly benefit from article directories. People do actually use those directories and when they visit your website they have the chance of reading your signature line and clicking on the links within which lead to your blog or website.

However, if your article is well written, people have the opportunity of taking your article and posting it to their website. They get the content they need for their blog and you get the backlink you need for your popularity. In this way, everyone leaves being a winner.

These are the primary direct ways in which you benefit. There are others.

An indirect option happened to me a couple of years ago. Someone read my article in a directory, came to my website, and requested that I begin writing for them. This certainly isn't going to happen to everyone everyday; but it can happen to anyone any day of the week.

I personally use article submitter to get my articles to over 300 different directories. You are free to submit your articles manually if you prefer, but what a pain.

Therefore, done right, article directories help your links increase blog profits in many ways.

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