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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Email Autoresponder: How Do You Create An Email Autoresponder Opt-In Email Form That Works

Have you heard that your websites success is in the list?

It's true.

A healthy thriving list is like pure gold to a miner. Its value is incomparable.

However, not all Email autoresponders are created equal.

So, how can you make an opt-in email form for your own website that really works.

First, you need to decide if you are going to run this program from your own mailbox or hire a service to maintain it for you. In my opinion Aweber is the absolute best solution available, you may decide differently but I would recommend checking it out before you do so.

Whatever you decide your next task is to position your sign-up form on your page correctly. Pop-ups are not highly recommended though Aweber does have a "fade in" option that they do advise using. I myself like the in text form, as they are much less intrusive.

However, you don't want to put the sign-up form just anywhere on your page. Instead, draw an imaginary "Z" on your monitor. Wherever that "Z" intersects with your page is a good place for your opt-in form. I personally prefer the upper left corner as it gets the most attention before the "real" content has been read.

Give something away on your form. People like free things. I remember the days when gas stations would give away free things so that you would purchase gas from them. Those days may be gone, but not on the Internet. I'm currently working on an EReport about how to write for the Internet, when it's complete I will charge non-readers while giving it away free to those who sign up for my newsletter. This concept encourages both sign-ups and loyalty if I do it right.

Use a double sign-up process for subscribing to your newsletter. While this may mean the loss of some readers, it avoids others accusing you of spam because they have to confirm that they actually want your newsletter before they start receiving it.

There are literally hundreds of ideas for making the most out of your opt-in Email form. Perhaps another would be to keep the content being offered in the opt-in form and the newsletter itself niched directly to the interests of your audience.

If you follow ideas like the ones above your Email autoresponder success will only be a heartbeat away.

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