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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Britney Spears News Outranks Letters To Santa Clause Using Twitter Tools

Ever use Twitter?

It's becoming a favorite tool of my own Internet Marketing processes. But how does this relate to Britney Spears news or letters to Santa Clause?


I saw this post earlier today:
"Britney Spears tops Yahoo searches"

Which led to an article about the extreme popularity of Britney Spears. Like, that's not rocket sciene.

Then I saw this post:
"Just unfollowed Santa Claus because he wouldn't follow me back... Nobody gets a pass"

Using Twitter can indeed be quite helpful for anyone's cause, but only if you use it in the right way.

What is Twitter?

It is a Web 2.0 Social Network where people have the ability to share whatever they choose as long as it is done in 140 words or less. The best place to find out more about Twitter is on or you could use for more help.

So how would Britney Spears, BodyByChocolate or anyone for that matter increase popularity on Twitter?

Here are some direct Twitter ways.
* Setup an account
* Actively participate in Tweeting, which means sending 140 character or less messages.
* Talk about interesting things that people want to here about.
* Be sure to check direct messages often

Here are some tools that could be used to further her cause.
* (Find people in your local area)
* (Promote a cause or event)
* (Find out the latest on what people are talking about)

And for the record how did Santa Clause get put on the knotty list?

When someone chooses to follow you, you need to follow them or they can simply remove you from their follow list. It's really only right to reciprocate a follow in the Web 2.0 world.

Remember you heard the truth about how Britney Spears news outranks letters to Santa Clause here first and follow BodyByChocolate for even more useful information about using Twitter tools as well as healthy chocolate consumption.

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