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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How I use Long tail keyword marketing to drive massive traffic to my favorite affiliate marketing programs of 2008.

Long tail keyword marketing rocks! Especially when you implement free tools like with it.

Before, I tell you how to drive massive traffic to my (or your) website let me take a moment and expose my favorite affiliate marketing programs of 2008. There are several things that go into making up this following list including:

* 95% of my favorites are membership websites.
* 90% are well known highly reputable sites.
* 100% of my favorites are directly related to my niche.
* 90% I am personally presently using on my own projects.

For whatever affiliate programs you decide to run with I recommend following the above list for yourself. After all, it's your own reputation on the line when you support something that is clearly not a good tool. Further, I love high quality affiliate membership programs because I get paid month after month after month.

With that said, here is my list:

Aweber: Automated Email Marketing
It is my own personal opinion that Aweber is as the top of the automated Email marketing programs out there, with no exceptions. Not only do they have an awesome tool, but Aweber also has top of the line customer support over the phone and directly online. From personal experience I highly recommend using this valuable tool for all your Email correspondence and while you're at it, become an affiliate and promote them to your own niche. No matter what you are marketing everyone needs to incorporate an online newsletter into his or her business model.

US Free Ads: Online Classified Advertising
If you are looking for a place to put classified ads look no further. Okay, I'll admit, Craig's list probably has this tool beat in amount of current participation. However, when was the last time that they paid you for referring traffic to their website? I believe US Free Ads is a newer concept than that other popular ad network and as such will surpass them in the near future both in design and popularity. I've personally used this service throughout 2009 and find it to be an extremely valuable tool for all my Internet Marketing activities.

OddCast: Website Search Generator
It's time for a true confession. I have personally never ever used OddCast -- YET! But I'm going to be implementing this technology in 2009. It's no secret that interactivity is highly desired on the web today. Given that this site helps people find what they are looking for on YOUR website it is bound to increase visitor retention and return. Further, their animated characters ad spice to your website that people will enjoy using.

* Traffic Geyser: Video Directory Submitter
* Article Submitter: Article Submission Software
* Provide Support: Live Online Interactive Support
This probably would have made the top 3 of my list, but I only found out about it yesterday. Given that we are in December it wouldn't be right to say that this is my favorite affiliate program. However, if you are looking for a way to provide online support to your website visitors this is an extremely affordable high quality excellently supported tool that you should not be without. I am immediately implementing this technology on my own websites for obvious reasons.

Well, there you have it. The SEOGuy's own personal favorite affiliate marketing programs of 2008. But how do I use long tail keyword marketing techniques to drive massive traffic to my affiliates?


I do what I did above.

* I talk about them.
* I write about them.
* I feature them on my newsletter.

Word of mouth advertising is indeed the best form of advertising available today.

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