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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How To Gain Guaranteed Targeted Traffic To Create A Strong Online Presence Using OddCast Inc.

Have you read "THOSE" articles before?

You know the one's that say do "this and you will be a millionaire in the next 2.5 seconds."

Or how about "how to gain guaranteed targeted traffic to crate a strong online presence in one easy step."

Those are the real pathetic one's.

Errr, wait!

Scratch that. It fits to close to my title that talks about Oddcast Inc.

But, you know, I wonder. Could it be possible that some articles actually do offer solid ways of guaranteed traffic?


Don't run off yet. Here me out.

I'm not talking about the pathetic hype and hope articles. I'm talking about authentically genuine ways of building a receptive audience. The way I would like to focus on today would be by using Oddcast.

What is Oddcast?

It is a search engine utility you can build into your site that has character.

I mean is character.

No, wait! It is character driven and quite catchy too. Actually it's a whole lot more than that, but that's my own favorite part of this awesome tool.
Okay, imagine this. You have a site that focuses on gidgets (hey, I could have said widgets you know.) Someone comes to your site looking for a purple polka dotted gidget but the page they land on is of your latest fidget models instead. After staying for 2.5 seconds they leave thinking you know nothing of the difference between a gidget and a fidget.

You have lost credibility.
You have lost a visitor.
But most of all, you have lost potential moola.

Who wants that?

Sign me up for the "not me" category.

So, let's imagine this scenario again with the inclusion of an Oddcast Character.

Same gidgetty fidgetty site.
Same website visitor.
Same potential purchase power.

The only difference is that when they arrive on your fidget page looking for a gidget instead of leaving they ask your Oddcast search engine if there is any information on gidgets. The Oddcast unit has been setup to know exactly how to respond to your visitor and its nothing but net from there.

Actually, it's more than "net".

It's a happy website visitor.
It's money in your pocket.

But most of all it's potential word of mouth advertising you have the chance of receiving as everyone knows gidget people travel in packs. Did you know that word of mouth advertising is the absolute best advertising you could ever receive? No really, it is. However, even if you are in the debating mood and choose to challenge that point, can you deny the potential positive affects of free advertising?

I'd continue this train of thought but I've got to go get my Seahawks had and cap out of the laundry for tonight's game. Therefore, I'll leave you to investigate Oddcast Inc. for yourself to determine if it really is an excellent guaranteed targeted traffic to website approach that is sure to build a strong online presence for whatever you are marketing.

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