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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In An Economic Depression Internet Marketers News Must Find And Report Truth Else They Steal The Empire State Building

I read an article today about how someone was able to steal the empire state building. I'm not sure if this article was factual or not, but I am sure that it brings up an excellent point that Internet Marketers news must find and report the truth in an economic depression.

Are we in a recession?

Are we in a depression?

I'll let those who deal with such things figure that out. After all, that's not my point.

I remember several years back while living in Seattle that the news came out of the Space Needle being moved to Moses Lake. The news was so convincing that many people actually believed that this was going to take place. I personally visited the Space Needle during this time and there was yellow tape clear around it? That yellow tape made the reports all that more convincing.

Eventually, the prank was exposed for what it was and the gag had run full circle.

Or how about the Orson Wells radio program of Martians invading the earth? There he was reading a book over the radio as if it were really taking place. People actually ended their lives over that prank.

When the credibility of a report is found to be faulty all further information is held in question. You don't need to be a professional journalist for this to be the case. For example, on my own voice mail I talk about healthy chocolate. I received a message recently telling me that healthy chocolate would be nice but it is truly an oxymoron.

Fortunately, I have clear factual evidence to backup the words of my voice mail on my Body By Chocolates blog.

So, did someone really steal the empire state building? I doubt it, but you can find that report at I can however tell you that credibility in Internet Marketing news no matter if you are in an economic boom or in an economic depression is imperative to the success of whatever project you happen to be working with.

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