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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Using An Auto-Responder: How To Attract Customers Back To A Website Using An Auto-Responder Aweber Opt-In Form

So you want to have a popular website? Who doesn’t?

Go away and leave me alone.


Your persistent aren’t you?

You want the truth about how to attract customers back to your website using an auto-responder?

Don’t be silly. You don’t have enough time in your day for this. And if you did you wouldn’t follow through anyway, would you?

That’s what I th…

You would?

Hmmmm, if that’s the case there is hope for you. I personally use an Aweber opt-in form for my own projects.

That’s right! Aweber rocks, and they will give you a free test drive just so you can kick their tires and rev their engine.

Want to know a secret? Just be sure not to let Aweber know. Last time I took their puppy for a spin I went from 0 to 90 in 1.5 seconds. Yeeeee Haaaaa! Hee hee.

Anyways, since you’re still reading you must be one of the privileged few. You really get the idea of what the Internet can do for your business. So let me cut to the case here.

First, give something of value away *choke* FR *gag* EE!!!!

Not just the same ordinary dried up hash that everyone else is sucker punching people with, but rather something of genuine value that people will appreciate for months or perhaps even years to come.

I’m working on an Ebook right now that is all about Bum Marketing. I’m going to charge $9.95 per copy for the Ebook or if you are part of my newsletter you get it uhhhh huuummmm – “that word” fre…. I can’t bear to say it twice in one article.

Once I get finished with this Ebook I will be writing a second one about Twitter.

You’re the expert of your “whatever it is.” So why not develop something that your customers will appreciate and then give it away to those that sign-up for your newsletter. This is called viral marketing at its best.

But even more than that, if you constantly provide your subscribers with top quality highly interesting newsletters your going to develop a reputation. Soon you will find that they are telling people about you and your resulting sign-ups skyrocket.

And it all started from an extremely simple to use Aweber opt-in form.

Just keep giving your audience high quality information and not only will it attract customers back to your website, but they will tell their friends about you! Can you think of a better advertising method than “word of mouth”? Don’t get me wrong. There are terrific ways of advertising out there. Aweber & Twitter are a couple that come to my mind, but even they pale in comparison to loyal readers telling interested friends and family about what you are doing.

Well, there you have it. How using an auto-responder can super-charge both your first time and repeat traffic. Now go get busy making Aweber autoresponder services work for you, and I’ll see you in the winners circle. Yeeeeee Hawwwwww.

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