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Monday, December 15, 2008

Where To Place An Autoresponder Opt-In Form For The Best Plan E-Marketing Strategies

“Plan E-Marketing”

I wish that more people would see the extreme importance of those 2 words. Some sites I arrive at…

Well, let’s just say they are definitely NOT planned out.

Today, let’s talk about the where to place an autoresponder opt-in form for the highest conversions possible.

Many people like using pop-up technology for this aspect of their website, and when you review their statistical usefulness I can’t say as I blame them. Especially when you consider technologies that companies like Aweber autoresponder services bring into this picture.

Never-the-less, I personally have not found an affective way of using any form of pop-up that I am 100% pleased with and thus cannot recommend this alternative for the masses. Rather I like the KISS approach.


I think you’ve got the idea.

To that extent, I draw an invisible “Z” (make sure it’s invisible, getting permanent marker off a monitor can indeed be a huge pain in the butt ;) ) on my monitor. Wherever the “Z” points are found at are considered the “hot spots” of your website.

My own personal favorites are:
* Across the top
* Left hand side before article
* Across the bottom

As it relates to autoresponders it’s not a bad idea to have one at the bottom of each page, though I would certainly have one near the top too. Think of it though, if a reader has perused your content long enough to get to the bottom of your page they have deemed it relevant enough for them to spend more than a moments passing glance with. Now they find that they can get more valuable content by becoming part of your newsletter? I personally haven’t thought of this till writing this article, but it certainly does have at least a twinge of logic to it though I would certainly place an additional sign-up form near the top of your page too.

* On my website I integrate the form and the title together into the same section.
* On my blog I integrate the opt-in form and an Aweber add as the Aweber affiliate program is one of my best affiliate programs that I am part of.

How can I end an article about where to place an autoresponder opt-in form for highest conversion rates without at least mentioning the OTO (One Time Offer) plan E-Marketing strategy? I can’t.

While this article will not be dealing with OTO concepts directly, having one page that you send people to which includes a BRIEF audio, video or article and a sign-up form is not at all a bad idea. Under this approach you can be assured that your audience will not get lost before they become a valuable part of your newsletter subscription list. While I personally do not use this approach, for reasons of my own choosing, it is definitely worth considering when preparing your own E-Marketing strategies.

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