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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Favorite SEO Resources Verse My Favorite SEO Resources

Recently, this question popped up on my favorite Google Groups named…

“Google Search Engine Optimization SEO Google - MSN – Yahoo”

Everyone continues to contribute valuable content to this topic with their own preferred answers which basically amounts to a “Your Favorite SEO Resources Verse My Favorite SEO Resources” dialog with the end result of everyone walking away a winner.

Let’s take a look at some of the top picks I’ve seen so far from this conversation.

Duct Tape Marketing:
Providing simple, effective and affordable small business marketing advice and information for Internet Marketers.

Tatum Marketing:
Traffic * Conversation Rates * Customer Value = Revenue

SEOmoz serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide by providing education, tools, resources and paid services to help make every SEO the best they can be.

Reel SEO:
Video SEO, Online Video Marketing, & Internet Video Trends

Search Engine Land: (This is a personal favorite of mine)
Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines

1st On The List:
Internet Marketing, Website Marketing & Search Engine Marketing Articles

High Rankings:
Helping websites be the best they can be by achieving high rankings.

Red Cardinal:
Search Engine Optimization services.

I’ll be honest and say that unless noted otherwise on the above websites I did not spend more than a passing moment attempting to determine their value. Since someone in the group found these as important, I deemed them as such by reporting their findings.

Here are other sites related to the various aspects of SEO that I personally recommend using.

It’s hard to have good SEO without content, but not just any content will do for the true expert. That’s why I recommend using:

As they provide excellent free information in creating your title.

Along with Bum Marketing techniques which you can find out more about on my own SEO website.

SEO & Beyond:
Providing Internet marketing strategies and concepts for the rest of us.

There are literally hundreds of different options available on the web for gaining support. The point is to glean from the best while forgetting the rest. Only then will you be able to distinguish between:

* Your favorite SEO resources
* My favorite SEO resources

And those that are anything but favorite SEO resources.

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