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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Page Rank Tool

· Google
· Yahoo
· Ask

Where do they come up with the names for these search engines?

Even more importantly, how can I make sure my page rank tool is working for me the way I expect it to be?

Well, one of the best ways is to use a page rank tool like that which you would find on the Google toolbar. To access it, just Google “Google toolbar” and download the latest version of Google’s own toolbar.

Then, query help for the page rank tool off the tool bar and follow its instructions to install the add-on. It takes only a few moments to do and is more than worth taking your valuable time to make this update.


Simple. The page ranker tool from Google will help you to understand the health of your Web creative as it relates to Google’s way of looking at things.

Currently, my own healthy chocolates Website has a PR3 rating. I’m hoping to see it move to PR4 sometime next month with all the work I’ve been putting in.

See, Google provides a rating system that helps people understand how their Website is fairing in Google land.

PR0 = Not ranking
PR10 = Google

Having a PR3 like I currently do shows that I am headed in the right direction, but I still have a lot of work to do before I “arrive.”

Steps I have taken to reach this rating in 2009 include
· Making sure every page of my Website is SEO’d or search engine optimized.
· Found locations to link to Body By Chocolates from like social networks
· Written articles that contain backlinks to my Web creatives

These are all things anyone can do, but not everyone chooses to do. There are, of course, strategies that help to make these processes even more successful. Strategies that I personally find time to use on a regular basis. However, even if all you were doing was simple SEO and building backlinks you would find that your page rank tool success would be growing every day.

The secret is to keep at it and never give up. Course, having the page rank tool report back that you are heading in the right direction is always a beneficial pat on the back.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 Warnings For The Business Opportunity Seeker

Are you a business opportunity seeker?

Are you plum full of all those scams and crams floating around? No matter if you are on the Web, driving down the road or watching TV they seem to be waiting right they’re for you.

Here are some marketing tactics a real business opportunity seeker should be careful to avoid when looking for their own ace in the whole.


If something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

· Make $5000 in 24 hours.
· No sales.
· No investment.

Chances are these types of statements are not completely accurate. I don’t know of a single business opportunity available today that doesn’t require some type of work while remaining legal. Further, the more work an opportunity seeker puts in the stronger the possibility of their success, else everyone would be doing it.


Peer pressure is very strong.

If you can be led to believe that you are on the outside looking in you will get involved based on emotions alone. While it will be better if you as the opportunity seeker can wrap your heart around whatever it is that you are jumping into; it is also critical that you make the bases of your decision from a position of logic rather than a place of emotion.

Therefore, don’t jump in to anything based on emotion but rather tie in the passion after the logic has been solidified.


You’ve probably read these lines already, though the words that were used might have been slightly different. It’s the same concept that drives people to stores during a sale.

· Today only
· Act now
· Time is running out

All are calls to action. Further, there may be some real purchase benefits available to those that take action. The problem is when you base a new business startup or your future life’s work on emotional pulls like these alone you haven’t taken time to really investigate your findings.

At best this can be dangerous; at worst, costly.

Therefore, do your research before jumping. When it’s a consume product your purchasing for less than $500 it’s one thing; when it’s a life altering decision it is quite another.

In summary, three keys of victory for a business opportunity seeker are:

· Don’t believe what you read
· Don’t follow the crowd
· Take your time to decide


I personally had to learn these strategies the hard way, before I joined my healthy chocolates company. When you find what is right for you, the money will follow. I’ve found that to be true for myself, which is why I created the Body By Chocolates Website where I teach everyone about the benefits of eating healthy chocolate.

However, not everyone is going to be in to eating chocolate. I know, I’m shocked too. But it is true. And it is the reason for my creating the Internet Marketing help site of

No matter if you’re looking for an awesome product to turn your health and happiness around or if you are thinking that you want to bring your own business into the world of Internet Marketing success, I can help. Just visit the Website above the makes the most sense for your needs and lets get started realizing your dreams together today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brevity Online Business Book Summaries: Brevity Online


No! That word may not start off an article that has nothing to do with that horrid application. Can it? Horrid? Am I missing something?

In the last 60 days I have started some awesome joint ventures, brought numerous people into my chocolate business, and received help that I would not otherwise have had all because of one simple tool.


In one tweet @DanRMorris shared his excitement for Brevity online with me. I’ve wanted to find something like this for some time. Simply put, Brevity offers online business book summaries.

I’m not sure about you, but in the crazy world we live in today I do not have the time for everything I need to do including breathing so I am forced to prioritize.

I would love to read the leading business books that are out on the market. However, I simply do not have the time. Perhaps you do. I do not know.

What I do know is that this tool rocks!

Simply put, and by their own admission, the vision of Brevity is to provide “The World’s Best Business Book Summaries.”


Titles like…

* Business Stripped Bare by Sir Richard Branson
* Made In America: My Story by Sam Walton
* Dirty Little Secrets Of Buzz by David Seaman

They’re all here, plus more.

When you select one of the books you are provided with a nice overview of what the material will actually cover along with a PDF & Audio file. I love the audio file part, which gives me the ability to turn on the recording while working on other tasks that need to be completed during the day. Sweet!

If I choose to I can also comment on the various books.

This helps build a sense of community, as people know if they really want to spend time with this particular material or not. The more a person can be informed about their options the better their chances of learning the content within.

Besides looking at the various books that are available there are options for making money and reviewing the information about the Website in the FAQ section. However, for the most part, once you have seen the book section you have seen the bulk of what is available at the site.

That makes sense.

Brevity online as an easy to understand quick to navigate site for people to visit.

If you like me would read more if you only had the time, then you want to check out these online business book summaries that are offered by Brevity. Knowledge, after all, is power.

By The Body By Chocolate Man
Guy Siverson

Friday, August 14, 2009

Social Networking Power With Funny Tree Squirrel Photos

The Today Show cracked the case on a very amusing photo today, which has led to a ton of tree squirrel photos going out to the web. I agree the photo was funny. A couple on vacation was taking an auto snap photo when a squirrel popped into center stage of the lens right on queue and click. The rest was history.

But instead of that being the end of the event it really was only the beginning of social networking power. Somehow this same squirrel began appearing everywhere across the web…

* In the middle of the last supper
* In a Next Generation Star Trek photo
* In the Body By Chocolate Man’s Twitter profile
* In the jaws of Jaws

This rouge squirrel was on its way to becoming a star.

Either said squirrel was being as busy as a beaver or people were using creative fun to enjoy a moment. Which was it?

I would like to suggest that later. Here’s why.

The squirrel is cute. Comical cuteness catches clickers. The more we can build a positive helpful friendly image on the web the greater our following will become. Not only that, but people will share funny photos with other people bringing even more people to your web creative.

Actually, that is the whole concept of viral marketing in a nutshell. It is also why videos like Bionic Burger found on YouTube have massive amounts of clicks. Similarly, viral graphics can do exactly the same thing. Actually viral anything spreads like wild fire on the web.

I recently wrote an article titled “6 Top Trending Twitter Topic Tips” which is getting a massive amount of clicks even before the search engines have SEO’d it. Why do I think this is the case? I’m thinking the title of the article itself being a bit fun with all the “T’s” is driving traffic to the article. Once at the article I can then guide visitors to my website offerings and information.

And there you have it.
The very reason that smart web workers grab onto funny current event reports like these tree squirrel photos and find ways to build them into their projects. Social networking power can also be accomplished by focusing on trends within politics, religion and other major cultural events.

Quite simply, viral marketing works, especially if you can make a clear tie between it and the product that you are promoting.

The Body By Chocolate Man

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To Setup Hotmail For Business

I have to say I hate it. Don’t you?

You receive an Email from a business contact and there it is. Sitting right there in front of you.


Until this Email everything else looked professional, but now? Not any more. Hotmail and Yahoo just don’t couple as good business Email addresses.

Want to know a secret?

I use Hotmail exclusively for all my Email transactions even though people read the following?

So how do I setup hotmail to do this?

First I order a domain via GoDaddy for about $10 a year. GoDaddy’s service is second to none. Have your representative help you put your domain on “cash parking.” Now, without any further touching from you, when someone visits that site and clicks on your link you make money! That’s cool since that is the last time you will be touching this part of your account.

Given that you created a domain that makes sense with your product you now have a second source of income as well as a way to have a professional Email address. Simply have GoDaddy walk you through setting up a forward address from your domain to your current Hotmail Email address. Since GoDaddy really does do an excellent job with this part of the process I’ll leave this up to their fine services.

You and I need to move over to your Hotmail account. Let’s go.

* On the upper right you will see an option labeled “options”

* Select “options” and then “more options” at the bottom of that page

* Now choose the link that reads, “Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts” under “Manage your account”

There are 3 options on this page. You are looking for the last option on the list that reads “You can send mail from these accounts.” At the bottom of this section is a link which says ‘Add another account to send mail from.” Select that link and add the Email address for your domain that you setup with GoDaddy.

By the way, you can setup 100 Email accounts with them absolutely free. Therefore, if you have other people that work with you, as is the case in a multilevel marketing company, you can also setup Email addresses for all your team using their first name and your domain.

Next, you will receive an Email in your Hotmail that you need to verify. Once you do that you have successfully setup Hotmail to function as a professional Email address.

But wait, there’s more!

Yes, follow the above process to get back to where you setup the new Email account. Next to each Email listed (2 in this case) there is a link that reads, “Use as default.” Select the link next to the one you want to have set as your default. Given that you are setting up a professional Email address to use through Hotmail you will likely want to set your business Email address as your default option.

That’s it. You can now send and receive Email from Hotmail as if it is a professional company image. How cool is that?

The Body By Chocolate Man

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TweetAFile: Share Important Files With Twitter Using TweetAFile

Earlier today I was talking with @DeliciousCookin when we both realized that we had a file that we needed to share. So I provided my Email address and waited. After far to long a time I tweeted back letting them know that no Email had been received.

It was then that we discovered the issue of file size and my Email provider. We were stuck, how would we be able to share important files with each other. Had I known about TweetAFile we could have tried that before going to all the work that we ended up doing to transfer the data.

A majority of Twitter users still don’t realize that Twitter allows you to share much more than 140-character posts between each other. Using TweetDeck I share everything from videos to articles like this that you are reading. Yet, had no way to share a file across this system. Well, I had no way to do that until now.

With this new Twitter technology you are able to pass data back and forth between one another with great success. It doesn’t appear that there is a file size limit according to what I have reviewed, which makes the tool even better.

Or worse.

I’m sure you’ve heard more than once that you shouldn’t open Email attachments from people that you don’t know. Sage advice if you ask me, though I’m sure it won’t be long before those same people figure a way to share links that shouldn’t be clicked as well.

You know, if they took as much time helping people as being jerks… ahhh, I digress.

Another caution that bares mentioning at this point is the whole concept of Twitter Apps. While Twitter certainly would not be as powerful without its apps, providing your login information to every app that comes along is really not a good idea. I haven’t yet discovered how to tell a safe Twitter app from an unsafe one, but it certainly is something to keep in mind.

Anyway, back to TweetAFile, if you notice in the above article I haven’t given you a whole lot of details on how to use this cool tool. There’s a good reason for that. It’s easy.

Just sign in with your Twitter credentials, browse to the file needing to be exchanged, type the user ID of the person you are sending too with a short message saying what it is and let the tweets fly. That’s really all that needs to be done to share important files with Twitter.

The Body By Chocolates Man

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How To Build Your Twitter Profile Via Happy Follow Friday Events

Happy Follow Friday!

Have you taken part in this event or any of the Twitter events that occur from time to time? Excuse me for saying so, but you should because they will help you build your Twitter profile very easily.

Here’s why.

The more active you are with your Twitter followers the more valuable you will appear to everyone who comes in contact with your Twitter profile be they already followers or people who are considering following you in the future. However, I have personally come to believe that a simple list of your followers with #FF or #FollowFriday attached is not going to do a great deal for you.

Here is how I optimize Follow Friday for my @BodyByChocolate account.

1. Collect all names I want to send a Follow Friday message to and put them together into Word Pad or Note Pad. Now adjust the sidebar of the screen so that only 2 or 3 accts show per line. You will take these individual lines and put them into your message that you are about to create.

2. Create your message. No, not just something that says #FollowFriday followed by the list of User ID’s. Give the people that are mentioned in this post something to read and think about.

Here is an example:
“All my #FollowFriday tweeps should read the 2009 Chocolate Science Report [Add USER ID’s] [Add URL]”

3. Focus the first 45 characters of your post on the keywords you want to focus on within the post. Google runs SEO on the first 45 characters of each of your posts, so putting the keywords up front instead of the User ID’s you are sending your post to is an excellent idea.

Here is the example now:
“2009 Chocolate Science Report for all my #FollowFriday tweeps like [USER ID’s] to read [Add URL]”

4. Finally, using the hasttag (#) on your preferred keywords within a post further helps you to be found in those keyword results. If your keyword happens to become a trend all the better for you.

Here is the final view of our example:
“2009 #Chocolate #Science Report for all my #FollowFriday tweeps like [USER ID’s] to read [Add URL]”

Now, let’s say you have 20 people to respond to with this message. Broken down into 2 or 3 user ID’s you have approximately 8 or 9 posts. When they receive this message and RT it back to you, many will. You are well on your way to making this simple “Happy Follow Friday” message viral, which will have very positive results for you as you build your twitter profile.

Friday, July 24, 2009

GeoChirp: My New Twitter Tool Is GeoChirp

Without Twitter applications Twitter would be down right boring. Fortunately Twitter and developers for Twitter get that and make awesome tools all the time.

After reading an article somewhere I checked out GeoChrip and it quickly became my new Twitter tool. Why?

Many reasons really.


This tool makes it easy to communicate with people in my local area. That’s huge. No matter where my area happens to be at the moment I have instant access to active tweeters exactly where I am.

That means that if I’m traveling and want to reach people in the area I am at I can do that.


If I’m at home and want to know who is near where I’m located at, I can do that.


Well, I think you get the point. At first glance I believe this tool is incredibly powerful.

With a simple click of a button I can view four different map types for my location.

* Map (normal)
* Satellite
* Hybird
* Terrain

While I personally believe I will use the normal map most, having the other options available is absolutely awesome.

I can also adjust the number of tweets that I see on my screen as well as how far away from me those tweets happen to be coming from. Talk about a target audience, this is huge.

Further, I can search the entire city of Spokane or narrow it down to my address specifically. Here’s an idea, if there is a part of your area that fits better for your product than any other, you can find an address in that area and wait for posts from there.

For example, some people believe my product to be on the expensive side; and it is if you don’t take time to research it fully to understand its value. However, it’s easier for me to reach people in higher socio-economic areas and thus that is what I target. This GeoChirp is such a huge tool, and to think like most of the rest of Twitter, it’s free!

Check out my new twitter tool of choice and you just might find it to be yours as well.

The Body By Chocolate Man

Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 Top Trending Twitter Topic Tips

You have a topic. Chocolate.

You have a mission. Create a trend on Twitter for your topic.

Impossible? No. Perhaps a bit difficult, and time consuming, but certainly it is plausible using the right techniques. These 10 top trending Twitter topic tips will help you succeed.

Tip 1: Prepare Your Plan:

Some even say write it down. I think that to be good advice even though I personally have trouble with written plans like this.

The general idea here is to build yourself into a brand for your topic. If it’s chocolate, then become the Body By Chocolate Man like I did.

Tip 2: Keyword Targeted Bio:

Let’s say you want to see the word’s “dark chocolate” trend on Twitter. Be sure to include those exact keywords at least once in your bio information.

More is not better.

Don’t get carried away with only 2 or 3 keywords repeated or your bio will look like spam and you will succeed in creating far more enemies than friends.

Tip 3: Using Hashtags

The more you can hashtag your content the better. On Twitter a hashtag is equivalent to putting a number sign in front of the word you are trying to promote.

Let’s say you want to cause the word antioxidant to become a trend. In your tweet you would target such a word like this (#antioxidant).

Tip 4: RT’ing Waves

The more people you can get talking about your keyword the better. Which is why you want to create posts that others will retweet (RT). One of the easiest ways to do this is to include their user ID’s in targeted tweets.

Once you start the RT thank you ball rolling, you can include most anything in the tweet as long as it sounds positive to the reader.

Tip 5: Watching News

Another way to gain momentum for a given keyword is to find hot news for that specific keyword and tweet it. If it’s already been tweeted by others you are practically guaranteed that it will be tweeted for you. Not to mention the popularity it has already taken. To find the right news I use services like.

* Google Alert
* StuffToTweet
* TwitterAnalyzer

Tip 6: Repetitive Repetition

Be careful here. No one wants to be spammed. However, as long as you do so tactfully you can repeat information with your given keyword in it on a regular basis without difficulty. The more you do the greater importance that keyword will receive especially if you have others RT’ing your tweets for you.

Following the above steps over time will help you to create trends for specific words, especially if they are talked about in the news on a regular basis. The larger the “celebrity status” of your given keyword the greater the chance of building top trending Twitter topic lists.

The Body By Chocolate Man

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4 Twitter Branding Secrets

Social networking today is a huge opportunity for any business to use. Not only is it a system that is free to use, but also you can potentially reach more people faster by using these Internet related tools. All this goes doubly for Twitter.

The unfortunate part is that most people don’t use the full power of Twitter. One of the biggest reasons for that is they don’t have a clear understanding of what Twitter branding is all about.

May I help?

*** Secret 1 ***
Use a screen name, not your own.

I get far more mileage out of a creative USER ID than I would out of my own name. After all, whom would you rather tweet with?


Using a creative screen name that reflects who I am also allows people to clearly see what my mission is.

*** Secret 2 ***
Stuff your bio with keywords related to your mission.

Words like “I, am, the, a” simply don’t help your profile. Don’t use them. The more keywords you can get in your bio the more lists you will find yourself to be part of.

Have you ever been in a networking meeting where everyone has the chance to describe who they are and why they are there? On Twitter this your moment to tell people who you are. This is your 30-second elevator speech. And this is critical to your success.

*** Secret 3 ***
Perhaps this is the most overlooked part of branding for Twitter.

Take full advantage of your location.
Most people know they have 160 characters to describe themselves on Twitter. What they don’t know is they also have 120 characters for their location information.

I personally started out by telling people that my location was “Spokane.”

Once I discovered this secret I quickly changed my location information to read “Seattle B4 Spokane WA USA.”

Now, when people are searching for any of the following keywords

* Seattle
* Spokane
* WA

I am there.

*** Secret 4 ***
Use a branded picture.

In this age of social networking people see more pictures of people than ever before. To a certain extent, I believe people have learned to ignore these pictures. Even worse, put an image or a logo where the picture goes. Now visual people cannot connect with you but only your brand. Given that your brand is likely located elsewhere you lessen your image with this approach.

So what’s the answer?

For me, it was to dawn a cape with my logo on the back and secure a mask. After all, I am the Body By Chocolate Man saving the world from unhealthy chocolate.

With this approach people have the ability to see me as well as to connect with my brand all in the scope of a single picture.

*** Summary ***
Twitter branding, like with any social network may take a bit of time to do right. Those who choose to take the time to build correct profiles will reap the rewards 10, 100 & even 1000 fold.

The Body By Chocolate Man

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HitTail Results

Last issue I told you about Google Insights.

* Try it
* Use it
* It's free with no strings.

But, if you have a blog or website like, then you will want to know your HitTail results.

HitTail provides you with information about which keywords are and are not working for you. HitTail helps you to quickly appeal to readers & search engines alike.

You can use HitTail results to formulate a title for your next article.

HINT: Writing is made simple when you create your articles title first.

How To Follow The Social Networking Rules


This is the web. There are no rules, right?


A social networking tool I use is Launch Pad because it focuses on those here in Eastern Washington.

Recently, I published 2 business related videos as well as a couple of blog articles on my page within their system only to have them removed faster than I could blink.

Before you think them unkind, it is important to understand that they have their standards and processes that they want people to follow. I found out that videos designed to directly appeal to business opportunities simply do not fall within the requirements of their social networking rules.

I have one of two options at this point.
1. File their website under "C" and move on to other opportunities.
2. Choose to design my material in a way that is acceptable for them.

There will be time where option 1 makes more sense than option 2 within your own business building endeavors. However, given that is based within the territory of the demographics for this social networking platform, following their rules makes a great deal of business sense for me.

Therefore, as you work with new social networking systems, make sure to follow their social networking rules or run the risk of being cut off at the pass.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Find Great Keywords With Google Insights For Search

Article marketing is a perfect way of driving traffic to your website. However, how do you find the right long tail keywords for you?

Why pay for the rest when Google offers you the best, free? With this tool you can find hot keywords. Enter a topically related keyword from your project and Google will deliver a wealth of valuable information:

* Geo locations of hot keywords
* Related keyword phrases
* Top & rising searches

I wouldn't be without Google Insights to find great keywords for my website.

Article Writing Secrets 101

If you do a search on the following keyword

- Body By Chocolates -

You will find these links out ranking 5,630,000 competitors on the first page of Google.

Today's Mama:

Warrior Forum:

Both speak of the healthy chocolate business I dived into on Nov 22, 2008. Given that the first post to this blog was made on 11/27/08 how could I possibly outrank 5,630,000 competitors in less than 2 months at the time of this writing.


It is called bum marketing.

Let's look at the process.

First I go to Google and type in my desired keyword in quotes to determine the level of my competition.

"Chocolates" = 22,800,000 competitors.

This is to many competitors for me to contend against. I'm looking for results that are between 1000 and 5000. In most cases I would look to the left or right of the highlighted keyword to add to my research and narrow down the results.

However, since my website is I decided to see what my competition would be if I added the words "Body By" to my research.

"Body By Chocolates" = 27 competitors (most of who happen to be myself in this case.)

Normally this would be far to little results, but considering that the keyword matches my domain extremely well I'm willing to build an article focused on this keyword so that I can gain capital in this area.

Besides, when I search without the quotes I find these results.

Body By Chocolates = 5,630,000 competitors with myself mentioned at least twice on the first page of Google. Considering that this is absolutely free advertising and helps build my name recognition, I'm more than willing to take a very low hanging keyword phrase.

Next time we will discuss why using resources like Todays Mama and Warrior Forum have been so critical to the success of as we continue to explore article writing secrets.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 Secrets To Writing For Web

Slap words on page, publish and repeat. That's all you need do when writing for web, right?


You need to use tools I will mention in the next 2 TidBit issues as well as focusing on key secrets to your success.

Keys like:

* Writing short brief statements instead of long paragraphs.
* Keeping your articles between 300 & 500 words.
* Including keyword phrase in your articles title, fist paragraph and last paragraph

These three things will help propel you to the top pages of Google like

Friday, January 16, 2009

SEOGuy Unplugged

Who or what is a SEOGuy and who cares?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and my name happens to be Guy. Thus you have SEOGuy.

Who cares? You mean beside my precious life long bride?

You should.

Not only do I teach Internet Marketing success secrets via seminars, but I also do private consulting for your own specific projects. In the next 3 issues I will be explaining various points of article marketing. If you apply some of these hints like I do with you will see practically immediate long-term permanent results.

Life, is good.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Creating An Automated Wealth System To Boost Traffic Sales

Buy this system and…

How many times have you heard words like that in the course of your Internet Marketing endeavors?

The truth is if you have a blog or website you already own a profit market that will boost traffic sales via an automated wealth system especially if you have built your project around a focused hot niche concept.

If you are not making money with your current web project how is it possible that it can be a tremendous traffic building wealth system?

One word…


Each time a visitor arrives at your website they are money in your bank. Unfortunately most people allow visitors to arrive only to see them disappear into oblivion moments later. There is no attempt made to make them part of a newsletter list. It's like taking 100 one-dollar bills and throwing them into the wind or even worse.

Your visitor had enough interest in your topic to take the time to click your link and arrive at your website.

Your visitor potentially even took time to read your article, hear your information, or watch your video.

Your visitor probably knows people who are interested in your topic as birds of a feather often flock together.

Therefore, each time you offer your visitor the ability to join an automated newsletter list they are being asked to become loyal word-of-mouth marketers for a topic they have an interest in.

* So promote that list.
* Write that Enews.
* Build that following.

And in the end you can market your products to highly interested individuals who are actively interested in what you have to say. Talk about a hot lead money making proposition. My own favorite automated wealth system to boost traffic sales is Aweber, and I highly recommend people use their system to build their success. You can take their system for a test drive by following either of the two links listed above.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How To Use The Google Keyword Tool For Adwords Keyword Tool Purposes

I was listening to my favorite Bum Marketing mentor's latest video today when he mentioned a Google keyword tool that I had never heard of before.

Suddenly he gave me an insight to a Google Keyword Tool I had never heard of previously. It's called Google insights for search and it certainly is a powerful free tool. In this article I would like to explain how it can be used as an AdWords keyword tool while providing optimum results for your online Internet Marketing success.

In this article I am under the assumption that you already know what AdWords pay per click advertising is. If you don't, there are other articles on my site which will guide you in your understanding of PPC in general.

So you have:

* Selected your topic
* Setup your campaign
* Created your ad
* Added your keywords

But now you want to be sure that you have picked all the highly optimum keywords related to your topic for this particular page, article or resource.

For illustration purposes, let's say your topic is "chocolate".

First open Google insights and enter your keyword, there are a variety of self-explanatory options available under the "Filters" section to consider before you select search. Set the filter according the purposes of your project and off you go.

The filters you selected directly impacts the results you see under the varying categories of:

* Web Search Volume
* Regional Options
* Related Search Terms

Under the third category you will find the following two options:

* Top Searches
* Rising Searches

Ad the appropriate long tail keywords to your Google Adwords campaign and the result is an optimized ad for keyword phrases that people are actually searching for.

My recommendation is to work with this tool a bit so that you become familiar with what it is capable of. If you add this technology to HitTail you will be well on your way to dominating whatever niche market you are interested in controlling.
Bottom line, I personally will not be without this Adwords keyword tool in my own projects.