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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HitTail Results

Last issue I told you about Google Insights.

* Try it
* Use it
* It's free with no strings.

But, if you have a blog or website like, then you will want to know your HitTail results.

HitTail provides you with information about which keywords are and are not working for you. HitTail helps you to quickly appeal to readers & search engines alike.

You can use HitTail results to formulate a title for your next article.

HINT: Writing is made simple when you create your articles title first.

How To Follow The Social Networking Rules


This is the web. There are no rules, right?


A social networking tool I use is Launch Pad because it focuses on those here in Eastern Washington.

Recently, I published 2 business related videos as well as a couple of blog articles on my page within their system only to have them removed faster than I could blink.

Before you think them unkind, it is important to understand that they have their standards and processes that they want people to follow. I found out that videos designed to directly appeal to business opportunities simply do not fall within the requirements of their social networking rules.

I have one of two options at this point.
1. File their website under "C" and move on to other opportunities.
2. Choose to design my material in a way that is acceptable for them.

There will be time where option 1 makes more sense than option 2 within your own business building endeavors. However, given that is based within the territory of the demographics for this social networking platform, following their rules makes a great deal of business sense for me.

Therefore, as you work with new social networking systems, make sure to follow their social networking rules or run the risk of being cut off at the pass.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Find Great Keywords With Google Insights For Search

Article marketing is a perfect way of driving traffic to your website. However, how do you find the right long tail keywords for you?

Why pay for the rest when Google offers you the best, free? With this tool you can find hot keywords. Enter a topically related keyword from your project and Google will deliver a wealth of valuable information:

* Geo locations of hot keywords
* Related keyword phrases
* Top & rising searches

I wouldn't be without Google Insights to find great keywords for my website.

Article Writing Secrets 101

If you do a search on the following keyword

- Body By Chocolates -

You will find these links out ranking 5,630,000 competitors on the first page of Google.

Today's Mama:

Warrior Forum:

Both speak of the healthy chocolate business I dived into on Nov 22, 2008. Given that the first post to this blog was made on 11/27/08 how could I possibly outrank 5,630,000 competitors in less than 2 months at the time of this writing.


It is called bum marketing.

Let's look at the process.

First I go to Google and type in my desired keyword in quotes to determine the level of my competition.

"Chocolates" = 22,800,000 competitors.

This is to many competitors for me to contend against. I'm looking for results that are between 1000 and 5000. In most cases I would look to the left or right of the highlighted keyword to add to my research and narrow down the results.

However, since my website is I decided to see what my competition would be if I added the words "Body By" to my research.

"Body By Chocolates" = 27 competitors (most of who happen to be myself in this case.)

Normally this would be far to little results, but considering that the keyword matches my domain extremely well I'm willing to build an article focused on this keyword so that I can gain capital in this area.

Besides, when I search without the quotes I find these results.

Body By Chocolates = 5,630,000 competitors with myself mentioned at least twice on the first page of Google. Considering that this is absolutely free advertising and helps build my name recognition, I'm more than willing to take a very low hanging keyword phrase.

Next time we will discuss why using resources like Todays Mama and Warrior Forum have been so critical to the success of as we continue to explore article writing secrets.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 Secrets To Writing For Web

Slap words on page, publish and repeat. That's all you need do when writing for web, right?


You need to use tools I will mention in the next 2 TidBit issues as well as focusing on key secrets to your success.

Keys like:

* Writing short brief statements instead of long paragraphs.
* Keeping your articles between 300 & 500 words.
* Including keyword phrase in your articles title, fist paragraph and last paragraph

These three things will help propel you to the top pages of Google like

Friday, January 16, 2009

SEOGuy Unplugged

Who or what is a SEOGuy and who cares?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and my name happens to be Guy. Thus you have SEOGuy.

Who cares? You mean beside my precious life long bride?

You should.

Not only do I teach Internet Marketing success secrets via seminars, but I also do private consulting for your own specific projects. In the next 3 issues I will be explaining various points of article marketing. If you apply some of these hints like I do with you will see practically immediate long-term permanent results.

Life, is good.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Creating An Automated Wealth System To Boost Traffic Sales

Buy this system and…

How many times have you heard words like that in the course of your Internet Marketing endeavors?

The truth is if you have a blog or website you already own a profit market that will boost traffic sales via an automated wealth system especially if you have built your project around a focused hot niche concept.

If you are not making money with your current web project how is it possible that it can be a tremendous traffic building wealth system?

One word…


Each time a visitor arrives at your website they are money in your bank. Unfortunately most people allow visitors to arrive only to see them disappear into oblivion moments later. There is no attempt made to make them part of a newsletter list. It's like taking 100 one-dollar bills and throwing them into the wind or even worse.

Your visitor had enough interest in your topic to take the time to click your link and arrive at your website.

Your visitor potentially even took time to read your article, hear your information, or watch your video.

Your visitor probably knows people who are interested in your topic as birds of a feather often flock together.

Therefore, each time you offer your visitor the ability to join an automated newsletter list they are being asked to become loyal word-of-mouth marketers for a topic they have an interest in.

* So promote that list.
* Write that Enews.
* Build that following.

And in the end you can market your products to highly interested individuals who are actively interested in what you have to say. Talk about a hot lead money making proposition. My own favorite automated wealth system to boost traffic sales is Aweber, and I highly recommend people use their system to build their success. You can take their system for a test drive by following either of the two links listed above.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How To Use The Google Keyword Tool For Adwords Keyword Tool Purposes

I was listening to my favorite Bum Marketing mentor's latest video today when he mentioned a Google keyword tool that I had never heard of before.

Suddenly he gave me an insight to a Google Keyword Tool I had never heard of previously. It's called Google insights for search and it certainly is a powerful free tool. In this article I would like to explain how it can be used as an AdWords keyword tool while providing optimum results for your online Internet Marketing success.

In this article I am under the assumption that you already know what AdWords pay per click advertising is. If you don't, there are other articles on my site which will guide you in your understanding of PPC in general.

So you have:

* Selected your topic
* Setup your campaign
* Created your ad
* Added your keywords

But now you want to be sure that you have picked all the highly optimum keywords related to your topic for this particular page, article or resource.

For illustration purposes, let's say your topic is "chocolate".

First open Google insights and enter your keyword, there are a variety of self-explanatory options available under the "Filters" section to consider before you select search. Set the filter according the purposes of your project and off you go.

The filters you selected directly impacts the results you see under the varying categories of:

* Web Search Volume
* Regional Options
* Related Search Terms

Under the third category you will find the following two options:

* Top Searches
* Rising Searches

Ad the appropriate long tail keywords to your Google Adwords campaign and the result is an optimized ad for keyword phrases that people are actually searching for.

My recommendation is to work with this tool a bit so that you become familiar with what it is capable of. If you add this technology to HitTail you will be well on your way to dominating whatever niche market you are interested in controlling.
Bottom line, I personally will not be without this Adwords keyword tool in my own projects.