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Monday, January 19, 2009

Article Writing Secrets 101

If you do a search on the following keyword

- Body By Chocolates -

You will find these links out ranking 5,630,000 competitors on the first page of Google.

Today's Mama:

Warrior Forum:

Both speak of the healthy chocolate business I dived into on Nov 22, 2008. Given that the first post to this blog was made on 11/27/08 how could I possibly outrank 5,630,000 competitors in less than 2 months at the time of this writing.


It is called bum marketing.

Let's look at the process.

First I go to Google and type in my desired keyword in quotes to determine the level of my competition.

"Chocolates" = 22,800,000 competitors.

This is to many competitors for me to contend against. I'm looking for results that are between 1000 and 5000. In most cases I would look to the left or right of the highlighted keyword to add to my research and narrow down the results.

However, since my website is I decided to see what my competition would be if I added the words "Body By" to my research.

"Body By Chocolates" = 27 competitors (most of who happen to be myself in this case.)

Normally this would be far to little results, but considering that the keyword matches my domain extremely well I'm willing to build an article focused on this keyword so that I can gain capital in this area.

Besides, when I search without the quotes I find these results.

Body By Chocolates = 5,630,000 competitors with myself mentioned at least twice on the first page of Google. Considering that this is absolutely free advertising and helps build my name recognition, I'm more than willing to take a very low hanging keyword phrase.

Next time we will discuss why using resources like Todays Mama and Warrior Forum have been so critical to the success of as we continue to explore article writing secrets.