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Thursday, January 8, 2009

How To Use The Google Keyword Tool For Adwords Keyword Tool Purposes

I was listening to my favorite Bum Marketing mentor's latest video today when he mentioned a Google keyword tool that I had never heard of before.

Suddenly he gave me an insight to a Google Keyword Tool I had never heard of previously. It's called Google insights for search and it certainly is a powerful free tool. In this article I would like to explain how it can be used as an AdWords keyword tool while providing optimum results for your online Internet Marketing success.

In this article I am under the assumption that you already know what AdWords pay per click advertising is. If you don't, there are other articles on my site which will guide you in your understanding of PPC in general.

So you have:

* Selected your topic
* Setup your campaign
* Created your ad
* Added your keywords

But now you want to be sure that you have picked all the highly optimum keywords related to your topic for this particular page, article or resource.

For illustration purposes, let's say your topic is "chocolate".

First open Google insights and enter your keyword, there are a variety of self-explanatory options available under the "Filters" section to consider before you select search. Set the filter according the purposes of your project and off you go.

The filters you selected directly impacts the results you see under the varying categories of:

* Web Search Volume
* Regional Options
* Related Search Terms

Under the third category you will find the following two options:

* Top Searches
* Rising Searches

Ad the appropriate long tail keywords to your Google Adwords campaign and the result is an optimized ad for keyword phrases that people are actually searching for.

My recommendation is to work with this tool a bit so that you become familiar with what it is capable of. If you add this technology to HitTail you will be well on your way to dominating whatever niche market you are interested in controlling.
Bottom line, I personally will not be without this Adwords keyword tool in my own projects.