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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How To Build Your Twitter Profile Via Happy Follow Friday Events

Happy Follow Friday!

Have you taken part in this event or any of the Twitter events that occur from time to time? Excuse me for saying so, but you should because they will help you build your Twitter profile very easily.

Here’s why.

The more active you are with your Twitter followers the more valuable you will appear to everyone who comes in contact with your Twitter profile be they already followers or people who are considering following you in the future. However, I have personally come to believe that a simple list of your followers with #FF or #FollowFriday attached is not going to do a great deal for you.

Here is how I optimize Follow Friday for my @BodyByChocolate account.

1. Collect all names I want to send a Follow Friday message to and put them together into Word Pad or Note Pad. Now adjust the sidebar of the screen so that only 2 or 3 accts show per line. You will take these individual lines and put them into your message that you are about to create.

2. Create your message. No, not just something that says #FollowFriday followed by the list of User ID’s. Give the people that are mentioned in this post something to read and think about.

Here is an example:
“All my #FollowFriday tweeps should read the 2009 Chocolate Science Report [Add USER ID’s] [Add URL]”

3. Focus the first 45 characters of your post on the keywords you want to focus on within the post. Google runs SEO on the first 45 characters of each of your posts, so putting the keywords up front instead of the User ID’s you are sending your post to is an excellent idea.

Here is the example now:
“2009 Chocolate Science Report for all my #FollowFriday tweeps like [USER ID’s] to read [Add URL]”

4. Finally, using the hasttag (#) on your preferred keywords within a post further helps you to be found in those keyword results. If your keyword happens to become a trend all the better for you.

Here is the final view of our example:
“2009 #Chocolate #Science Report for all my #FollowFriday tweeps like [USER ID’s] to read [Add URL]”

Now, let’s say you have 20 people to respond to with this message. Broken down into 2 or 3 user ID’s you have approximately 8 or 9 posts. When they receive this message and RT it back to you, many will. You are well on your way to making this simple “Happy Follow Friday” message viral, which will have very positive results for you as you build your twitter profile.

Friday, July 24, 2009

GeoChirp: My New Twitter Tool Is GeoChirp

Without Twitter applications Twitter would be down right boring. Fortunately Twitter and developers for Twitter get that and make awesome tools all the time.

After reading an article somewhere I checked out GeoChrip and it quickly became my new Twitter tool. Why?

Many reasons really.


This tool makes it easy to communicate with people in my local area. That’s huge. No matter where my area happens to be at the moment I have instant access to active tweeters exactly where I am.

That means that if I’m traveling and want to reach people in the area I am at I can do that.


If I’m at home and want to know who is near where I’m located at, I can do that.


Well, I think you get the point. At first glance I believe this tool is incredibly powerful.

With a simple click of a button I can view four different map types for my location.

* Map (normal)
* Satellite
* Hybird
* Terrain

While I personally believe I will use the normal map most, having the other options available is absolutely awesome.

I can also adjust the number of tweets that I see on my screen as well as how far away from me those tweets happen to be coming from. Talk about a target audience, this is huge.

Further, I can search the entire city of Spokane or narrow it down to my address specifically. Here’s an idea, if there is a part of your area that fits better for your product than any other, you can find an address in that area and wait for posts from there.

For example, some people believe my product to be on the expensive side; and it is if you don’t take time to research it fully to understand its value. However, it’s easier for me to reach people in higher socio-economic areas and thus that is what I target. This GeoChirp is such a huge tool, and to think like most of the rest of Twitter, it’s free!

Check out my new twitter tool of choice and you just might find it to be yours as well.

The Body By Chocolate Man

Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 Top Trending Twitter Topic Tips

You have a topic. Chocolate.

You have a mission. Create a trend on Twitter for your topic.

Impossible? No. Perhaps a bit difficult, and time consuming, but certainly it is plausible using the right techniques. These 10 top trending Twitter topic tips will help you succeed.

Tip 1: Prepare Your Plan:

Some even say write it down. I think that to be good advice even though I personally have trouble with written plans like this.

The general idea here is to build yourself into a brand for your topic. If it’s chocolate, then become the Body By Chocolate Man like I did.

Tip 2: Keyword Targeted Bio:

Let’s say you want to see the word’s “dark chocolate” trend on Twitter. Be sure to include those exact keywords at least once in your bio information.

More is not better.

Don’t get carried away with only 2 or 3 keywords repeated or your bio will look like spam and you will succeed in creating far more enemies than friends.

Tip 3: Using Hashtags

The more you can hashtag your content the better. On Twitter a hashtag is equivalent to putting a number sign in front of the word you are trying to promote.

Let’s say you want to cause the word antioxidant to become a trend. In your tweet you would target such a word like this (#antioxidant).

Tip 4: RT’ing Waves

The more people you can get talking about your keyword the better. Which is why you want to create posts that others will retweet (RT). One of the easiest ways to do this is to include their user ID’s in targeted tweets.

Once you start the RT thank you ball rolling, you can include most anything in the tweet as long as it sounds positive to the reader.

Tip 5: Watching News

Another way to gain momentum for a given keyword is to find hot news for that specific keyword and tweet it. If it’s already been tweeted by others you are practically guaranteed that it will be tweeted for you. Not to mention the popularity it has already taken. To find the right news I use services like.

* Google Alert
* StuffToTweet
* TwitterAnalyzer

Tip 6: Repetitive Repetition

Be careful here. No one wants to be spammed. However, as long as you do so tactfully you can repeat information with your given keyword in it on a regular basis without difficulty. The more you do the greater importance that keyword will receive especially if you have others RT’ing your tweets for you.

Following the above steps over time will help you to create trends for specific words, especially if they are talked about in the news on a regular basis. The larger the “celebrity status” of your given keyword the greater the chance of building top trending Twitter topic lists.

The Body By Chocolate Man

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4 Twitter Branding Secrets

Social networking today is a huge opportunity for any business to use. Not only is it a system that is free to use, but also you can potentially reach more people faster by using these Internet related tools. All this goes doubly for Twitter.

The unfortunate part is that most people don’t use the full power of Twitter. One of the biggest reasons for that is they don’t have a clear understanding of what Twitter branding is all about.

May I help?

*** Secret 1 ***
Use a screen name, not your own.

I get far more mileage out of a creative USER ID than I would out of my own name. After all, whom would you rather tweet with?


Using a creative screen name that reflects who I am also allows people to clearly see what my mission is.

*** Secret 2 ***
Stuff your bio with keywords related to your mission.

Words like “I, am, the, a” simply don’t help your profile. Don’t use them. The more keywords you can get in your bio the more lists you will find yourself to be part of.

Have you ever been in a networking meeting where everyone has the chance to describe who they are and why they are there? On Twitter this your moment to tell people who you are. This is your 30-second elevator speech. And this is critical to your success.

*** Secret 3 ***
Perhaps this is the most overlooked part of branding for Twitter.

Take full advantage of your location.
Most people know they have 160 characters to describe themselves on Twitter. What they don’t know is they also have 120 characters for their location information.

I personally started out by telling people that my location was “Spokane.”

Once I discovered this secret I quickly changed my location information to read “Seattle B4 Spokane WA USA.”

Now, when people are searching for any of the following keywords

* Seattle
* Spokane
* WA

I am there.

*** Secret 4 ***
Use a branded picture.

In this age of social networking people see more pictures of people than ever before. To a certain extent, I believe people have learned to ignore these pictures. Even worse, put an image or a logo where the picture goes. Now visual people cannot connect with you but only your brand. Given that your brand is likely located elsewhere you lessen your image with this approach.

So what’s the answer?

For me, it was to dawn a cape with my logo on the back and secure a mask. After all, I am the Body By Chocolate Man saving the world from unhealthy chocolate.

With this approach people have the ability to see me as well as to connect with my brand all in the scope of a single picture.

*** Summary ***
Twitter branding, like with any social network may take a bit of time to do right. Those who choose to take the time to build correct profiles will reap the rewards 10, 100 & even 1000 fold.

The Body By Chocolate Man