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Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 Top Trending Twitter Topic Tips

You have a topic. Chocolate.

You have a mission. Create a trend on Twitter for your topic.

Impossible? No. Perhaps a bit difficult, and time consuming, but certainly it is plausible using the right techniques. These 10 top trending Twitter topic tips will help you succeed.

Tip 1: Prepare Your Plan:

Some even say write it down. I think that to be good advice even though I personally have trouble with written plans like this.

The general idea here is to build yourself into a brand for your topic. If it’s chocolate, then become the Body By Chocolate Man like I did.

Tip 2: Keyword Targeted Bio:

Let’s say you want to see the word’s “dark chocolate” trend on Twitter. Be sure to include those exact keywords at least once in your bio information.

More is not better.

Don’t get carried away with only 2 or 3 keywords repeated or your bio will look like spam and you will succeed in creating far more enemies than friends.

Tip 3: Using Hashtags

The more you can hashtag your content the better. On Twitter a hashtag is equivalent to putting a number sign in front of the word you are trying to promote.

Let’s say you want to cause the word antioxidant to become a trend. In your tweet you would target such a word like this (#antioxidant).

Tip 4: RT’ing Waves

The more people you can get talking about your keyword the better. Which is why you want to create posts that others will retweet (RT). One of the easiest ways to do this is to include their user ID’s in targeted tweets.

Once you start the RT thank you ball rolling, you can include most anything in the tweet as long as it sounds positive to the reader.

Tip 5: Watching News

Another way to gain momentum for a given keyword is to find hot news for that specific keyword and tweet it. If it’s already been tweeted by others you are practically guaranteed that it will be tweeted for you. Not to mention the popularity it has already taken. To find the right news I use services like.

* Google Alert
* StuffToTweet
* TwitterAnalyzer

Tip 6: Repetitive Repetition

Be careful here. No one wants to be spammed. However, as long as you do so tactfully you can repeat information with your given keyword in it on a regular basis without difficulty. The more you do the greater importance that keyword will receive especially if you have others RT’ing your tweets for you.

Following the above steps over time will help you to create trends for specific words, especially if they are talked about in the news on a regular basis. The larger the “celebrity status” of your given keyword the greater the chance of building top trending Twitter topic lists.

The Body By Chocolate Man