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Friday, July 24, 2009

GeoChirp: My New Twitter Tool Is GeoChirp

Without Twitter applications Twitter would be down right boring. Fortunately Twitter and developers for Twitter get that and make awesome tools all the time.

After reading an article somewhere I checked out GeoChrip and it quickly became my new Twitter tool. Why?

Many reasons really.


This tool makes it easy to communicate with people in my local area. That’s huge. No matter where my area happens to be at the moment I have instant access to active tweeters exactly where I am.

That means that if I’m traveling and want to reach people in the area I am at I can do that.


If I’m at home and want to know who is near where I’m located at, I can do that.


Well, I think you get the point. At first glance I believe this tool is incredibly powerful.

With a simple click of a button I can view four different map types for my location.

* Map (normal)
* Satellite
* Hybird
* Terrain

While I personally believe I will use the normal map most, having the other options available is absolutely awesome.

I can also adjust the number of tweets that I see on my screen as well as how far away from me those tweets happen to be coming from. Talk about a target audience, this is huge.

Further, I can search the entire city of Spokane or narrow it down to my address specifically. Here’s an idea, if there is a part of your area that fits better for your product than any other, you can find an address in that area and wait for posts from there.

For example, some people believe my product to be on the expensive side; and it is if you don’t take time to research it fully to understand its value. However, it’s easier for me to reach people in higher socio-economic areas and thus that is what I target. This GeoChirp is such a huge tool, and to think like most of the rest of Twitter, it’s free!

Check out my new twitter tool of choice and you just might find it to be yours as well.

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