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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How To Build Your Twitter Profile Via Happy Follow Friday Events

Happy Follow Friday!

Have you taken part in this event or any of the Twitter events that occur from time to time? Excuse me for saying so, but you should because they will help you build your Twitter profile very easily.

Here’s why.

The more active you are with your Twitter followers the more valuable you will appear to everyone who comes in contact with your Twitter profile be they already followers or people who are considering following you in the future. However, I have personally come to believe that a simple list of your followers with #FF or #FollowFriday attached is not going to do a great deal for you.

Here is how I optimize Follow Friday for my @BodyByChocolate account.

1. Collect all names I want to send a Follow Friday message to and put them together into Word Pad or Note Pad. Now adjust the sidebar of the screen so that only 2 or 3 accts show per line. You will take these individual lines and put them into your message that you are about to create.

2. Create your message. No, not just something that says #FollowFriday followed by the list of User ID’s. Give the people that are mentioned in this post something to read and think about.

Here is an example:
“All my #FollowFriday tweeps should read the 2009 Chocolate Science Report [Add USER ID’s] [Add URL]”

3. Focus the first 45 characters of your post on the keywords you want to focus on within the post. Google runs SEO on the first 45 characters of each of your posts, so putting the keywords up front instead of the User ID’s you are sending your post to is an excellent idea.

Here is the example now:
“2009 Chocolate Science Report for all my #FollowFriday tweeps like [USER ID’s] to read [Add URL]”

4. Finally, using the hasttag (#) on your preferred keywords within a post further helps you to be found in those keyword results. If your keyword happens to become a trend all the better for you.

Here is the final view of our example:
“2009 #Chocolate #Science Report for all my #FollowFriday tweeps like [USER ID’s] to read [Add URL]”

Now, let’s say you have 20 people to respond to with this message. Broken down into 2 or 3 user ID’s you have approximately 8 or 9 posts. When they receive this message and RT it back to you, many will. You are well on your way to making this simple “Happy Follow Friday” message viral, which will have very positive results for you as you build your twitter profile.