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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To Setup Hotmail For Business

I have to say I hate it. Don’t you?

You receive an Email from a business contact and there it is. Sitting right there in front of you.


Until this Email everything else looked professional, but now? Not any more. Hotmail and Yahoo just don’t couple as good business Email addresses.

Want to know a secret?

I use Hotmail exclusively for all my Email transactions even though people read the following?

So how do I setup hotmail to do this?

First I order a domain via GoDaddy for about $10 a year. GoDaddy’s service is second to none. Have your representative help you put your domain on “cash parking.” Now, without any further touching from you, when someone visits that site and clicks on your link you make money! That’s cool since that is the last time you will be touching this part of your account.

Given that you created a domain that makes sense with your product you now have a second source of income as well as a way to have a professional Email address. Simply have GoDaddy walk you through setting up a forward address from your domain to your current Hotmail Email address. Since GoDaddy really does do an excellent job with this part of the process I’ll leave this up to their fine services.

You and I need to move over to your Hotmail account. Let’s go.

* On the upper right you will see an option labeled “options”

* Select “options” and then “more options” at the bottom of that page

* Now choose the link that reads, “Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts” under “Manage your account”

There are 3 options on this page. You are looking for the last option on the list that reads “You can send mail from these accounts.” At the bottom of this section is a link which says ‘Add another account to send mail from.” Select that link and add the Email address for your domain that you setup with GoDaddy.

By the way, you can setup 100 Email accounts with them absolutely free. Therefore, if you have other people that work with you, as is the case in a multilevel marketing company, you can also setup Email addresses for all your team using their first name and your domain.

Next, you will receive an Email in your Hotmail that you need to verify. Once you do that you have successfully setup Hotmail to function as a professional Email address.

But wait, there’s more!

Yes, follow the above process to get back to where you setup the new Email account. Next to each Email listed (2 in this case) there is a link that reads, “Use as default.” Select the link next to the one you want to have set as your default. Given that you are setting up a professional Email address to use through Hotmail you will likely want to set your business Email address as your default option.

That’s it. You can now send and receive Email from Hotmail as if it is a professional company image. How cool is that?

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