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Friday, August 14, 2009

Social Networking Power With Funny Tree Squirrel Photos

The Today Show cracked the case on a very amusing photo today, which has led to a ton of tree squirrel photos going out to the web. I agree the photo was funny. A couple on vacation was taking an auto snap photo when a squirrel popped into center stage of the lens right on queue and click. The rest was history.

But instead of that being the end of the event it really was only the beginning of social networking power. Somehow this same squirrel began appearing everywhere across the web…

* In the middle of the last supper
* In a Next Generation Star Trek photo
* In the Body By Chocolate Man’s Twitter profile
* In the jaws of Jaws

This rouge squirrel was on its way to becoming a star.

Either said squirrel was being as busy as a beaver or people were using creative fun to enjoy a moment. Which was it?

I would like to suggest that later. Here’s why.

The squirrel is cute. Comical cuteness catches clickers. The more we can build a positive helpful friendly image on the web the greater our following will become. Not only that, but people will share funny photos with other people bringing even more people to your web creative.

Actually, that is the whole concept of viral marketing in a nutshell. It is also why videos like Bionic Burger found on YouTube have massive amounts of clicks. Similarly, viral graphics can do exactly the same thing. Actually viral anything spreads like wild fire on the web.

I recently wrote an article titled “6 Top Trending Twitter Topic Tips” which is getting a massive amount of clicks even before the search engines have SEO’d it. Why do I think this is the case? I’m thinking the title of the article itself being a bit fun with all the “T’s” is driving traffic to the article. Once at the article I can then guide visitors to my website offerings and information.

And there you have it.
The very reason that smart web workers grab onto funny current event reports like these tree squirrel photos and find ways to build them into their projects. Social networking power can also be accomplished by focusing on trends within politics, religion and other major cultural events.

Quite simply, viral marketing works, especially if you can make a clear tie between it and the product that you are promoting.

The Body By Chocolate Man