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Friday, January 29, 2010

Setting Up Your Twitter Account

Okay, you’ve decided to try Twitter.

Your first step in the process is to setup a Twitter account. However, before you go sign up as Guy Siverson or whoever you might be stop and think about what you are doing. No matter if you are going to use Twitter for business or pleasure people will remember certain names better than others.

My own Twitter handle is @BodyByChocolate. Only when someone arrives at my profile page do they actually find out my real name. There is good reason for this. Simply put, they will remember @BodyByChocolate far longer than my real name. It’s catchy, enticing and a fun user ID.

However, the purpose of this article is to explain how to setup your Twitter account and thus we proceed.

Your first logical step will be to navigate your browser to

Next, find a button that says something like “Sign Up Now” which is currently green and on the right hand side. However, being the Webmaster that I am I fully understand how quickly this can and does change.

You then enter the following:
* Full Name: This would be your real name.
* Username: Mine happens to be Chocolate Lovers for many of the same reasons that I mentioned in the start of this article.
* Password: 6 to 8 alpha numeric characters with at least one capital is highly recommended. Just make sure it is something you can and will remember.
* Email: Look more professional by setting up a domain with GoDaddy and create an associated Email address for that domain. Then link it with a free hotmail account and toggle your domain Email to be the primary. This will cost less than $20 to complete each year and makes you look much more professional than you would otherwise.
* Then enter in the super secret words for account validation. Why do they make these words so hard to read?

You are then taken to a page where you can notify friends of your new account if you like. I normally do not do this as the account hasn’t been enhanced as of yet. It’s like asking someone to visit your house that hasn’t been built yet.

You are then directed to a list of potential people to add to your account. Again, I don’t do this, as I am more interested in building the account first.

And, with that said, you are finished. Or is it that you’ve just begun. I suppose that depends on your perspective. However, you look at it, you now have a new Twitter account. The question is, what are you going to do with it?


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working With Non-Verbal Communication

No matter if it is body language:
· A look
· A touch
· A posture

Or unexpected communication:
· Lack of response
· Type of response
· Way of response

Whatever the case, if the communication you have received is not what you expected to receive seeking further communication is normally recommended.

I received a call from what I thought was an unwanted solicitor the other day.

I was busy writing and didn’t want to be disturbed. He called first on my wife’s phone, which was not answered. Then he called on my phone and I told him to have a nice day while I promptly hung-up.

He called back.

That’s different.

I started the second call by saying, “you have the gall to call back after I just hung up on you?”

He responded by explaining that in so many words I had requested this call. Truth is, he was right. We then had a very positive conversation as I proceeded to wipe the egg of embarrassment off my face.

Had he not chosen to try again it would have been a lose-lose proposition.

Similarly, when we see someone respond nonverbally in an unexpected way one of the best things to do is to seek clarification, which would look like this:

· When you did “X” I felt like “X”, was I correct in my feelings?
· Why haven’t I received a return call? I’ve left two messages.

Whatever you do, try not to come across as accusatory but rather inquisitive. If a person feels like they are being put in a position of having to defend their actions, in most cases they will. As such you may never find the real meaning behind the message you thought you received.

Asking people to explain their nonverbal behaviors is normally better for everyone in the long run. Not doing so can lead to hurt feelings and broken relationships. Neither of which would have had to happen had more information been requested.

Unfortunately, you will sometimes hear a verbal response that directly matches what you felt from a non-verbal action. In such cases there are at least a couple of options.

You can seek reconciliation and greater understanding with one another. Many times this can lead to deeper friendships with stronger ties and commitments.

You can choose to move in directions that fit the communication received. After all, not all relationships are worth the time and commitment required to make them succeeded through harder times of struggle.

Whatever you decide, doing it from a position of clear understanding rather than misunderstood hurt feelings is always an excellent idea when attempting to work with non-verbal communication you are receiving from others correctly.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding Your Niche Topic

So you’ve decided to write.


Seems like most everyone has made that decision today. The general thinking is that if they just put their thoughts together onto a blog the world will want to read everything they write.

HOT TIP: It doesn’t work that way.

There was a time that I myself thought that this was all I would need to do to become a success on the Web. Sure there were those talking about finding your niche, but what do they know?

So I went about writing whatever I wanted and found minimal success waiting for me as a result. I know there will be things you read that you will disagree with. I know you will need to try some things out for yourself while learning the hard way.

May I make a suggestion?

Don’t make missing the power of a niche topic one of those things.

What is a niche?

It is an area of focus that you choose to write about.

Areas of my own choosing include:
· Healthy Chocolate
· Social Networking
· Search Engine Optimization
· And the list goes on

Whatever your area is there is bound to be an audience for it.

How can you know for sure?


Simply type your keyword into Google and see how many results are returned. You can best see this by looking at the blue bar at the top of the page which reads “1 - 10 of about X”

I just did this for the word “Google” and here are my results.
1 - 10 of about 2,000,000,000

That means there are 2,000,000,000 people who are focusing on the keyword of Google. That’s a lot. If I had to fight more my share of a piece of pie with that many results, yikes. Maybe I’d get a crumb, but not likely.

However, the important part here is to realize that you could create a niche topic around “Google” if you wanted to. You can create a niche topic around anything you want.

Which makes writing about what you know extremely powerful.

Do you know about “bees”, then make that your niche topic.

Other potential niche topic categories include
· Politics
· Religion
· Finances
· Relationships
· Health

The list quite literally is endless.

The problem is that even if you do write about any of these niche areas, if you don’t write right your still going to be left in the dust, as no one will be reading your writings. Which is exactly why you need to know how to write right writing rightfully.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Targeting Your Focus

Let’s say you’ve gone to all the trouble to creating a niche.

You have the right images, words, music; everything. Next you roll out your product to your audience. Tires for a car lot that sales nothing but brand new cars.

If you have a brand new car, wouldn’t it seem logical that it already comes with tires included? That would be like trying to sale ice cubes to Eskimos.

To a man dieing in the desert an ice cube would be more valuable than gold, but an Eskimo in the middle of Alaska? Not so much so.

Therefore, one of the first things that are important to determine is what your target is.

We recently launched a brand new seminar in Spokane. While thinking of where to promote the event we thought college campuses would be a good call. Then we started thinking about which colleges. Eastern Washington is about 45 minutes away, while many there would be interested in our topic, taking time to put fliers up there may not be worth the time.


Because of the distance they would have to travel to arrive at our location.

Some may come, but focusing on locations much closer to where are seminar will be taking place is likely to produce even better results.

Therefore, when considering your niche it is a very good idea to create concepts of promotion that make sense for your own target audience.

Location is just one of the factors to consider.

Another would be how you create the content. A message focused on those retiring is not likely to also be good for high school kids.

Where you publish your content.

Are you trying to reach business people online? will likely be an essential Website for you to use. If you want to connect with younger people then is a place you want to frequent.

Bottom line, when you build a niche focus on your target market so that you reach the right people with your message which will bring the optimum success for what you are attempting to accomplish.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Simple Strategy To SEO Success

SEO is complicated, right?
Not really.
I’ll admit there are complicated aspects of SEO but focusing on the easier to understand processes can still bring you a great deal of success from within the search engines. Here is a very easy to use system that involves longtail keywords.
For those still unfamiliar with what a longtail keyword is, it is basically the process of adding words to a specific set of words until you have a more targeted set of words to work with.
Thus, instead of “chocolate” you have “healthy delicious Belgium chocolate.”
However, not all longtail keywords are created equal. Some generate tons of traffic while others not so much so. With that said the question now is, can you tell the difference between a hot longtail keyword and one that is better to stay away from?
And the answer is, yes.
Even better, all you need to accomplish this process is Google and a little bit of time.
If you Google our previous longtail keyword you will find that “healthy dark Xocai chocolate” has 572,000 people trying for that keyword phrase. Your goal is to find keywords between 1000 & 5000.
Let’s begin.
First, cut your keyword down to “healthy chocolate” and put quotes around it. The result is that you have 270,000 followers. That is to many for our target. However, on the good side you have a good selection of PPC sponsored links on the right side.
Looking at how others have used your keywords pick a new word to add to your phrase that is to the left or right of your current phrase.
Here are three options.
* “Dark healthy chocolate” = 148,000
* “Healthy chocolate brownies” = 20,600
* “Healthy chocolate company” = 195,000
Let’s choose “healthy chocolate brownies” since we are getting the best results from that. Now we need to reduce the competition even more.
* “for healthy chocolate brownies” = 8
Whoops, that is to low. Let’s try again.
* “these healthy chocolate brownies” = 2,080
Bingo! We found what we were looking for. However, the real secret is still yet to come. Let’s remove those quotes.
* these healthy chocolate brownies = 1,300,000
What does this mean?
While you are targeting your lower ranking of 2,080 you are also gaining direct exposure to 1,300,000 others for a total of 1,302,080. What’s more? I’ve often found that by using my targeting method I end up ahead of the rest of the pack because by focusing my content.
All that is left to do at this point is write your article. Hints on how to get the most out of this part of the equation can be found in Twitter™s@ own @BodyByChocolate Ebook on “How Write For The Web”.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Strategy Internet Marketing Optimization Secrets

1. Repeat
2. Repeat
3. Repeat

Okay, perhaps that was not called for, but it is true. People somehow think they can go out to the Web today, create a blog, post an ad and see the money come rolling in.

My only words for them are, good luck with that.

There is however strategy Internet marketing optimization secrets that when used regularly can produce amazing results. One of the biggest on the Web today is content creation.

· Articles
· Videos
· Audios

Content is still king on the Web.

But not just any content will do. Your content needs to be deliberately designed with Web readers in mind.

The long drawn out paragraphs that never end will simply not do on the Web. Don’t get me wrong; you want to create valuable content that people can see is worth reading; just not in the style of yesteryear.

In today’s world many will ignore bad grammar and perhaps even spelling errors if the content being delivered is exceptional. Especially if that exceptional content is easy to scan do to the usage of…

· Bullets
· Numbering
· Short paragraphs

Of course, you will then want to determine a keyword phrase to focus on. There are many ways to do this; my favorite is a cross between Bum Marketing and Micro Niche Finder.

However you arrive at your end result several points you want to remember include
1. Make sure your targeted keyword phrase is in the title of your writing.
2. Use your exact keyword phrase within the first and last 100 characters of your article.
3. Use words related to your keyword phrase throughout your writing.
4. Keep the content of your writings between 300 and 500 words in length. If you find yourself writing into the 600-character length then simply split your article in half for best results.
5. Teach and show in your articles rather than attempting to sale something. If your audience likes your writing they will visit your signature file links to see what else you have to offer.

Offering extreme value within your contents while appealing to the algorithms within the search engines is one of my biggest strategy Internet marketing optimization secrets today. I believe those that follow these type of processes would agree.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

How To Build An Online Social Networking Community

Some people think that building an online social networking community requires that you go out and recreate the wheel. I’m glad to report that is not necessary.

First, you decide which social networking communities make the most sense for you.

· Twitter (My favorite)
· FaceBook
· LinkedIn
· MySpace
· Yahoo Answers

These are just some of the more popular options of available Internet communities in a world that has gone to the Web.

Then you decide what you want to talk about.

Really, this is not a tough call to make either. I personally have two hats that I wear. One is related to Internet Marketing while the other is focused on health and wellness through chocolate.

No matter which hat I wear I know I will find people that are interested in speaking with me from the social networks mentioned above. If my tweets alone are not enough to lead me to those connections on social networking sites I find other means to implement.

Here are three excellent strategies to use with Twitter, which as mentioned above is my favorite social networking site.

*** Twitter’s Search Engine ***

When you logon to Twitter there is an option to search their system for specific keywords. In the early days I was not overly impressed with the results of Twitter search. Fortunately, the power of Twitter direct has grown immensely since then.

I then follow people who seem to have a similar but not direct niche to myself. I can even look through their followers to find more people to link to. In theory, people who are following them and who they follow would also make great people for me to be connected to also.

However, if you find your time to limited for that then consider using Twitter Grader which is an excellent resource for finding similarly related people to yourself on Twitter.

*** Social Networking Participation ***

This really works for any social network just as well as with Twitter.

The more you are involved with what is happening on social networks the greater interest you can expect to guide your way as a result.

No matter if being involved means…

· Answering questions
· Participating in events
· Or following key people

*** Share Your Ideas ***

If you create content point people to that content once it is created.

Share your articles, audios, videos and the like on your social networks. If you use a site like Associated Content you can actually be paid for doing exactly this while you build the confidence your community has in who you are.

Simply put the more social you are with your online social networking community the more direct results you will be able to experience as a result. But why take my word for it? Try it for yourself; I’m sure you will be happy with the results. I know I am.

Try a sample of Body By Chocolates healthy chocolate cookies for yourself and discover where the world's of health and chocolate connect.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Explain Blogging For Beginners

Have you heard one to many people talk about having a blog today? Perhaps they even tell you of the money they have made by having a blog. And here you are wishing that someone would simply explain blogging so that you can determine if it is right for you.

That is exactly what I plan to do in this blogging for beginners article.

*** Blogging Defined ***

At the root, blogging is the art of communicating your thoughts to another through the art of content creation with that content often times being in the form of written words.

I know. I know.

There is a group of hands that just went up that want to talk about the power of audio blogs and/or video blogs. Sorry, this article will not be addressing more advanced concepts, but rather keeping it simple.

*** Best Blogs To Use ***

Best of all, most blog services are free. Here are 3 worth considering for your first blog.

· Blogger
· WordPress
· Live Journal

There are others, lots of others to be honest. If you want to jump in with both feet check out a service called Ping.FM. It is free, and it is a social networking paradise. That is all I will say about this service and (social bookmarking) in this writing.

Many people rally around WordPress as there preference. I personally like using Blogger most. I recommend registering with 2 or 3 different services to determine which one you like to use best.

*** Best Ways To Use Blogs ***

Some people choose to niche their blogs into a single topic. Others are all over the board with what they post on their blogs. I’ve yet to determine which strategy makes the most sense.

One thing I do know is focusing on a keyword phrase is ultimate for success of people finding your blog.

So, if I happen to be writing an article about blogging I might choose “blogging for beginners” as my keyword phrase to focus on. This exact phrase would then appear in my title as well as at the front and end of my article. I’d also want to tell the blog service what my keyword phrase is and I’m essentially done.

*** Wrap Up ***

I’ve kept things extremely basic here in hopes that I truly am able to explain blogging to beginners. While choosing, writing, and niching are all important to ultimate success with blogging it is also important to…

· Publish on a regular and consistent basis
· Never give-up as it takes time to build an audience
· Have fun and be creative in your content building

The more you can show that you enjoyed creating what you have on the Web, the greater the chance that others too will enjoy the same.

Okay, now it’s your turn.

For those just stepping into blogging, what other questions do you have that you wish someone would answer?

For those of you that have built expertise in the art of blogging, what would you tell someone just thinking about venturing into the wonderful world of blogging?

Try a sample of Body By Chocolates healthy chocolate cookies for yourself and discover where the world's of health and chocolate connect.