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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Explain Blogging For Beginners

Have you heard one to many people talk about having a blog today? Perhaps they even tell you of the money they have made by having a blog. And here you are wishing that someone would simply explain blogging so that you can determine if it is right for you.

That is exactly what I plan to do in this blogging for beginners article.

*** Blogging Defined ***

At the root, blogging is the art of communicating your thoughts to another through the art of content creation with that content often times being in the form of written words.

I know. I know.

There is a group of hands that just went up that want to talk about the power of audio blogs and/or video blogs. Sorry, this article will not be addressing more advanced concepts, but rather keeping it simple.

*** Best Blogs To Use ***

Best of all, most blog services are free. Here are 3 worth considering for your first blog.

· Blogger
· WordPress
· Live Journal

There are others, lots of others to be honest. If you want to jump in with both feet check out a service called Ping.FM. It is free, and it is a social networking paradise. That is all I will say about this service and (social bookmarking) in this writing.

Many people rally around WordPress as there preference. I personally like using Blogger most. I recommend registering with 2 or 3 different services to determine which one you like to use best.

*** Best Ways To Use Blogs ***

Some people choose to niche their blogs into a single topic. Others are all over the board with what they post on their blogs. I’ve yet to determine which strategy makes the most sense.

One thing I do know is focusing on a keyword phrase is ultimate for success of people finding your blog.

So, if I happen to be writing an article about blogging I might choose “blogging for beginners” as my keyword phrase to focus on. This exact phrase would then appear in my title as well as at the front and end of my article. I’d also want to tell the blog service what my keyword phrase is and I’m essentially done.

*** Wrap Up ***

I’ve kept things extremely basic here in hopes that I truly am able to explain blogging to beginners. While choosing, writing, and niching are all important to ultimate success with blogging it is also important to…

· Publish on a regular and consistent basis
· Never give-up as it takes time to build an audience
· Have fun and be creative in your content building

The more you can show that you enjoyed creating what you have on the Web, the greater the chance that others too will enjoy the same.

Okay, now it’s your turn.

For those just stepping into blogging, what other questions do you have that you wish someone would answer?

For those of you that have built expertise in the art of blogging, what would you tell someone just thinking about venturing into the wonderful world of blogging?

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