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Monday, January 4, 2010

How To Build An Online Social Networking Community

Some people think that building an online social networking community requires that you go out and recreate the wheel. I’m glad to report that is not necessary.

First, you decide which social networking communities make the most sense for you.

· Twitter (My favorite)
· FaceBook
· LinkedIn
· MySpace
· Yahoo Answers

These are just some of the more popular options of available Internet communities in a world that has gone to the Web.

Then you decide what you want to talk about.

Really, this is not a tough call to make either. I personally have two hats that I wear. One is related to Internet Marketing while the other is focused on health and wellness through chocolate.

No matter which hat I wear I know I will find people that are interested in speaking with me from the social networks mentioned above. If my tweets alone are not enough to lead me to those connections on social networking sites I find other means to implement.

Here are three excellent strategies to use with Twitter, which as mentioned above is my favorite social networking site.

*** Twitter’s Search Engine ***

When you logon to Twitter there is an option to search their system for specific keywords. In the early days I was not overly impressed with the results of Twitter search. Fortunately, the power of Twitter direct has grown immensely since then.

I then follow people who seem to have a similar but not direct niche to myself. I can even look through their followers to find more people to link to. In theory, people who are following them and who they follow would also make great people for me to be connected to also.

However, if you find your time to limited for that then consider using Twitter Grader which is an excellent resource for finding similarly related people to yourself on Twitter.

*** Social Networking Participation ***

This really works for any social network just as well as with Twitter.

The more you are involved with what is happening on social networks the greater interest you can expect to guide your way as a result.

No matter if being involved means…

· Answering questions
· Participating in events
· Or following key people

*** Share Your Ideas ***

If you create content point people to that content once it is created.

Share your articles, audios, videos and the like on your social networks. If you use a site like Associated Content you can actually be paid for doing exactly this while you build the confidence your community has in who you are.

Simply put the more social you are with your online social networking community the more direct results you will be able to experience as a result. But why take my word for it? Try it for yourself; I’m sure you will be happy with the results. I know I am.

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Associated Content where there is more information of interest.