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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Simple Strategy To SEO Success

SEO is complicated, right?
Not really.
I’ll admit there are complicated aspects of SEO but focusing on the easier to understand processes can still bring you a great deal of success from within the search engines. Here is a very easy to use system that involves longtail keywords.
For those still unfamiliar with what a longtail keyword is, it is basically the process of adding words to a specific set of words until you have a more targeted set of words to work with.
Thus, instead of “chocolate” you have “healthy delicious Belgium chocolate.”
However, not all longtail keywords are created equal. Some generate tons of traffic while others not so much so. With that said the question now is, can you tell the difference between a hot longtail keyword and one that is better to stay away from?
And the answer is, yes.
Even better, all you need to accomplish this process is Google and a little bit of time.
If you Google our previous longtail keyword you will find that “healthy dark Xocai chocolate” has 572,000 people trying for that keyword phrase. Your goal is to find keywords between 1000 & 5000.
Let’s begin.
First, cut your keyword down to “healthy chocolate” and put quotes around it. The result is that you have 270,000 followers. That is to many for our target. However, on the good side you have a good selection of PPC sponsored links on the right side.
Looking at how others have used your keywords pick a new word to add to your phrase that is to the left or right of your current phrase.
Here are three options.
* “Dark healthy chocolate” = 148,000
* “Healthy chocolate brownies” = 20,600
* “Healthy chocolate company” = 195,000
Let’s choose “healthy chocolate brownies” since we are getting the best results from that. Now we need to reduce the competition even more.
* “for healthy chocolate brownies” = 8
Whoops, that is to low. Let’s try again.
* “these healthy chocolate brownies” = 2,080
Bingo! We found what we were looking for. However, the real secret is still yet to come. Let’s remove those quotes.
* these healthy chocolate brownies = 1,300,000
What does this mean?
While you are targeting your lower ranking of 2,080 you are also gaining direct exposure to 1,300,000 others for a total of 1,302,080. What’s more? I’ve often found that by using my targeting method I end up ahead of the rest of the pack because by focusing my content.
All that is left to do at this point is write your article. Hints on how to get the most out of this part of the equation can be found in Twitter™s@ own @BodyByChocolate Ebook on “How Write For The Web”.

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