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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Targeting Your Focus

Let’s say you’ve gone to all the trouble to creating a niche.

You have the right images, words, music; everything. Next you roll out your product to your audience. Tires for a car lot that sales nothing but brand new cars.

If you have a brand new car, wouldn’t it seem logical that it already comes with tires included? That would be like trying to sale ice cubes to Eskimos.

To a man dieing in the desert an ice cube would be more valuable than gold, but an Eskimo in the middle of Alaska? Not so much so.

Therefore, one of the first things that are important to determine is what your target is.

We recently launched a brand new seminar in Spokane. While thinking of where to promote the event we thought college campuses would be a good call. Then we started thinking about which colleges. Eastern Washington is about 45 minutes away, while many there would be interested in our topic, taking time to put fliers up there may not be worth the time.


Because of the distance they would have to travel to arrive at our location.

Some may come, but focusing on locations much closer to where are seminar will be taking place is likely to produce even better results.

Therefore, when considering your niche it is a very good idea to create concepts of promotion that make sense for your own target audience.

Location is just one of the factors to consider.

Another would be how you create the content. A message focused on those retiring is not likely to also be good for high school kids.

Where you publish your content.

Are you trying to reach business people online? will likely be an essential Website for you to use. If you want to connect with younger people then is a place you want to frequent.

Bottom line, when you build a niche focus on your target market so that you reach the right people with your message which will bring the optimum success for what you are attempting to accomplish.

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