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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Using Conference Calls With A Product Launch Formula

Here’s why you should use conference calls when it is time to run a new product launch formula.

Simply put, you get the word out to those within the marketing niche in a much more powerful way.

Marketing Niche

I almost had trouble putting those two words together as one like that.


Because I someone thing I’m talking about Internet Marketing, which means SEO. Truth is, I am.

But I’m not.

A marketing niche can be considered a niche that is marketed to no matter what angel you are coming from. Further, using effective conference calls only adds to the perceived value while also allowing those not in your time zone to tie into your content.

See, if you make the material available to anyone anywhere at any time you have suddenly taken your project international. Conference calls that can be accessed regularly like this result in the Web being your 24/7 sales aid.

Product Launches

This can be especially important during a product launch.

For the record, product launch formulas are your plan of attack in rolling out a new product.

Here are three tools to use.

* Phone Conference Calls
* Skype Conference Calls
* Video Conference Calls

Some might even argue that Skype is video conferencing, and it is. It’s just not as robust as other options in my opinion. Perhaps that is an advantage for some, but not to my own strategies and tactics of product launching.

Strategies And Tactics

Have you heard that those who fail to plan can plan to fail?

Never were those words more relevant than on the Web.

Therefore, when you make your product launch plan be sure to include video teleseminars that others can tap into 24/7. Product launch video integration will help you become an authority in your niche very quickly.

Being an authority within your given niche will dramatically boost your product launch formula.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earn - Making Money Online with Best Affiliate Marketing Program

So you want to be a millionaire? Will a buck ninety-five do? No? Then it’s time you discover the best affiliate marketing program.

No, I’m not talking about mine, though making $50 per new account that signs up to promote their business with a residual backend is really nice. It still isn’t the best.

Actually, when it comes time to earn, making money online directly via what I’m about to share with you is really not going to happen.

NOTE: I did use the word “directly” above for a very specific reason. See, in my opinion, focuses much more on being a critical resource for success in making money affiliate marketing than they do in being one of the best affiliate marketing programs available.

Making Money Affiliate Marketing

It’s all in their amazing widget that you can install on your blog or site.

This little puppy tells you what the top 25 in their network is and allows you to incorporate ClickBank. That puts you in the drivers seat for making money affiliate programs success.

It’s like they made a treasure map and shared it with everyone.

How cool is that?

There affiliate marketing tracking software literally allows you to be making legit money online in a very short amount of time.

Making Legit Money Online

Like everywhere, there are those that think the only way of succeeding on line is by scamming. Knowing that a particular item is in the top 25 with helps you to skip the scams and start making legitimate money online.

It’s not fool proof though.

I’m sure someone somewhere will find a way of making money on the Internet scams they want to promote through However, doing so becomes much more difficult, which in theory should be leading you to a greater possibility of success as you will be able to uncover the best affiliate marketing programs much easier than before.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

One way of doing this is to find what is being talked about within your given niche after installing the widget and writing articles about those products. You can then start making money with Adsense while delivering cutting edge information about these other topics.

Given that ClickBank affiliate marketing options are directly tied into the software you can be making money directly via ClickBank too. Need more options? Register for a free account with Commission Junction affiliate marketing and begin promoting their products also.

Simply put, helps you monitize your content to fit whatever the need of a particular project and its niche might be which will lead you very easily into super affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate Marketing

Super affiliate marketing works wonders, especially if you tie in tools like WordPress or Blogger. Making money WordPresss or Blogger style is very easy if you do it right. If you do it wrong, making any money at all on the Internet can be an insurmountable challenge.

Social networking through services like Twitter affiliate marketing just keeps increasing your possibilities of success. You can indeed really earn. Making money online is not hard when you use the right tools to find the best affiliate marketing program to work with.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Video Teleconferencing Verse Conference Calls

Let me ask you.

Would you rather listen to conference calls or watch video teleconferencing?

Both work. I’ve just concluded that one way works 100% more affective than the other. I’m not going to get into the greater details of auditory verse visual perceptions here. It’s not necessary to make my point.

Bottom line, the more senses you involve within any given project the greater the chance of walking away with a high level of perceived value from your listeners.

Phone Conferencing

I’ve done this approach, and I have seen some great results. Still the power of the Web can’t be denied.

Web Conferencing

Video web conferencing is powerful when done right.

Consider this.

How effective would a video be without sound? In most cases you lose a major aspect of the equation that can’t be replaced. Even if the sound tying everything together is music, it’s still there.

Thus one could conclude without to much effort that audio without video loses some of its advantage too. And it does.

The best way of providing a teleseminar is with the combination of both which results in video audio conferencing. However you choose to deliver your content one thing not to forget is recording conference calls.

Recording Conference Calls

This is huge.

This is also a mistake to miss doing.

A recorded conference call becomes a 24/7 sales tool that people can listen to at their leisure. Posting the conference call on the Web is thus a very VERY good idea.

Which again brings us back to the power of video teleconference as the recommended option to use. You don’t have to have the video conferencing project just stare at you the whole time.

In truth, for most that would be boring.

Rather, develop a slide presentation that helps readers connect with the material you are presenting. Yet another way to keep their attention focused on your content. When you show that you are the authority to be listened to because of the content you deliver within your niche, your own value skyrockets.

That’s why my own lot is cast with video teleconferencing when doing or receiving conference calls.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How Web Affiliate Programs Can Make Money With Adwords

Web affiliate programs, do they work?

Many have failed with Internet affiliate programs. Even more unable to make money with Adwords campaigns they have tried.

Then there are those with their various forms of books.

You know what I’m talking about…

* “Make Money With Adsense”
* “Make Money With ClickBank”
* “Make Money Google Ads”

There are more books available on these topics than one can even imagine, and yet many find themselves paying out far more than they ever hope to make.

Is it all a scam?

Do affiliate programs work?

Do Affiliate Programs Work

I’ve got good news and bad news.

Bad News: Web affiliate marketing DOES NOT work!
Good News: Web affiliate marketing WORKS!

Did I really just contradict myself right before your very eyes?


See, the issue is not if web affiliate marketing does or does not work but rather if you are able to correctly work web affiliate marketing.

Here’s an example.

You go in for a dental treatment. Do the tools that the dentist is about to traumatize your mouth with work? Probably.

Here’s the bigger question. Does the dentist know how to use the tools he is about to use? You certainly hope so, don’t you?

It’s the same thing with Internet affiliate programs.

The question isn’t if they work or not, but rather does the person using the tools know what they are doing?

Take keywords for example.

NOTE: Keywords are phrases that you align with Google to help your content rank better in the search engines. Some think that if they stuff their content with a specific keyword phrase their chances to make money keywords style is increased. By and large they are incorrect.

That’s why I don’t write one single article without two critical tools for my success.

#1: Micro Niche Finder
*: Wonder Wheel

These two tools help me succeed in the world of Internet affiliate programs and Web affiliate marketing on an almost daily basis. I highly recommend that you consider using both for your own affiliate site building.

Affiliate Site Building

It’s funny what happens to people when they start to experience even a little success on the Web. Okay, so it’s not so funny, actually it’s down right disheartening.

Here’s what happens far to often.

First, someone goes out and buys a book about making money on the Internet. It really doesn’t matter what the book is.

* “Make Money With Adsense”
* “Make Money With ClickBank”
* “Make Money Google Ads”

Then they rush out to create their own affiliate site building bonanza. If they are persistent enough (that is a huge IF), they start to make a little money.

At this point greed takes over and their site becomes full of all sorts of Adsense and ClickBank ads not to mention a host of other options.

Sadly, when people arrive at the site now they are hit with nothing more than a marketing message. Talk about the best way to lose friends and discourage people. They were so close to success until they did themselves in with this type of an action.

If you want to make money using Adwords or any other tool available on the Web today, you need to appear inviting and friendly to those who will be taking their time to stop by and see what is taking place on your site.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone can use a little extra dough, but when you appear desperate you turn people off in a big way.

Make Money Using Adwords

In closing, let me leave you with a tip that many don’t understand. You can actually make money Google Adwords style. Yes, Google Adwords causes more people to spend money than appears on the surface to make it. However, done right, you can actually promote affiliate programs with their service.

NOTE: They have strict rules about how you go about promoting affiliates through their network. However if you follow their rules and create inviting places for people to visit on the Web you will find that Adwords affiliate marketing is actually a very lucrative way of succeeding online.

Which brings us back to our original question.

Do Web affiliate programs work?

Yes, if you know how, you can even make money with Adwords; as long as you play the game there way.