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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Using Conference Calls With A Product Launch Formula

Here’s why you should use conference calls when it is time to run a new product launch formula.

Simply put, you get the word out to those within the marketing niche in a much more powerful way.

Marketing Niche

I almost had trouble putting those two words together as one like that.


Because I someone thing I’m talking about Internet Marketing, which means SEO. Truth is, I am.

But I’m not.

A marketing niche can be considered a niche that is marketed to no matter what angel you are coming from. Further, using effective conference calls only adds to the perceived value while also allowing those not in your time zone to tie into your content.

See, if you make the material available to anyone anywhere at any time you have suddenly taken your project international. Conference calls that can be accessed regularly like this result in the Web being your 24/7 sales aid.

Product Launches

This can be especially important during a product launch.

For the record, product launch formulas are your plan of attack in rolling out a new product.

Here are three tools to use.

* Phone Conference Calls
* Skype Conference Calls
* Video Conference Calls

Some might even argue that Skype is video conferencing, and it is. It’s just not as robust as other options in my opinion. Perhaps that is an advantage for some, but not to my own strategies and tactics of product launching.

Strategies And Tactics

Have you heard that those who fail to plan can plan to fail?

Never were those words more relevant than on the Web.

Therefore, when you make your product launch plan be sure to include video teleseminars that others can tap into 24/7. Product launch video integration will help you become an authority in your niche very quickly.

Being an authority within your given niche will dramatically boost your product launch formula.

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