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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Video Teleconferencing Verse Conference Calls

Let me ask you.

Would you rather listen to conference calls or watch video teleconferencing?

Both work. I’ve just concluded that one way works 100% more affective than the other. I’m not going to get into the greater details of auditory verse visual perceptions here. It’s not necessary to make my point.

Bottom line, the more senses you involve within any given project the greater the chance of walking away with a high level of perceived value from your listeners.

Phone Conferencing

I’ve done this approach, and I have seen some great results. Still the power of the Web can’t be denied.

Web Conferencing

Video web conferencing is powerful when done right.

Consider this.

How effective would a video be without sound? In most cases you lose a major aspect of the equation that can’t be replaced. Even if the sound tying everything together is music, it’s still there.

Thus one could conclude without to much effort that audio without video loses some of its advantage too. And it does.

The best way of providing a teleseminar is with the combination of both which results in video audio conferencing. However you choose to deliver your content one thing not to forget is recording conference calls.

Recording Conference Calls

This is huge.

This is also a mistake to miss doing.

A recorded conference call becomes a 24/7 sales tool that people can listen to at their leisure. Posting the conference call on the Web is thus a very VERY good idea.

Which again brings us back to the power of video teleconference as the recommended option to use. You don’t have to have the video conferencing project just stare at you the whole time.

In truth, for most that would be boring.

Rather, develop a slide presentation that helps readers connect with the material you are presenting. Yet another way to keep their attention focused on your content. When you show that you are the authority to be listened to because of the content you deliver within your niche, your own value skyrockets.

That’s why my own lot is cast with video teleconferencing when doing or receiving conference calls.

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