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Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Things To Consider When Choosing An SEO Company

With so many companies on the Web today, you need carefully select the one that will work for you. But how do you measure such a topic?

Here’s how…

#1: You Google something like “SEO packages” and start to work with the answers that the search engine you are on (Google, Yahoo, Bing) provides.

#2: Once you find a site that catches your interest, look at their stats on sites like


Good question. Simply put, if whatever they are offering you is working for them then you have a greater chance of it working for you too.

For example has an overall ranking on of 142,996. The closer to 1 that you are the better your site is. I could conclude that this ranking is thus good since most other people are somewhere in the millions. However, I’d be lying to say that it is good.

Truth is…


#3: I know, many people want to look at the actual Website first to see what the visitor appeal is.

Rightly so too, since you want your user experience to be as powerful as your search engine spiders experience. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to understand where to go on Not only was there more than one way to navigate, but there contact information is so clear and upfront that it makes me think they are for real.

Not only that, but they also offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Showing them to be at the leading edge of Web technology today. Knowing that someone can combine older technology with newer innovations certainly does put them at the head of the pack.

In conclusion, when looking for your search engine company to work with three things you want to be sure to pay attention to are…

#1: Are they reaching their target market on the search engines?
#2: Do their rankings support their claims of service being provided?
#3: Will visitors enjoy the experience of visiting their Website?

Bottom Line: If they are doing it for their own projects, then they can do it for you. search engine optimisation

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