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Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Hot Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

3 Hot Adsense Tips Revealed

How I receive nice checks from Google encapsulates my Google Adsense secrets. I’m going to share those secrets with you today so that you can enjoy making money from AdSense too.

Before I begin here are a variety of ways that Google has created for you to be able to implement their program on your Web properties:
• AdSense for content
• AdSense for feeds
• AdSense for mobile applications

For the most part I use content & search AdSense.


First I make sure my content is tightly niched to the audience I am wanting to reach. The more my visitors that click on the AdSense ads he higher relevancy my pages are given by Google. The greater the relevancy of my pages the more I can potentially receive from each click.

This really does make a lot of sense. You get paid by AdWords advertisers that are looking for the right niches to advertise within. AdWords advertisers are looking for tightly niched sites to market on. Create tightly niched project and they will find you

Page placements are another strategy that I personally use with AdSense. Bottom line, ads that are placed strategically within your projects will get clicked much more frequently. No one wants to feel like they are being forced to do anything. However if you build a system that causes the visitors eyes to flow to the ad in a calm flowing manner then you’ve accomplished a great deal.

Taking the time to correctly use color when creating your AdSense ads is highly recommended for this very reason. You can use colors that compliment or those which show serious contrasts with the colors on the page. As part of my own Google AdSense secrets I generally use colors that compliment as it looks far more professional and inviting.

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