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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7 Online Small Business Marketing Traffic Secrets: Part 1

A key ingredient that online small business marketing successes have in common is traffic. No matter how great what you build online may be it isn’t going to amount to “a hill of beans” without traffic.

However, therein is the problem.

How do you build traffic to your Web properties?

There are many great answers to this question including:

1. Optimizing Websites or Blogs with power SEO strategies
2. Building your own Wordpress or Blogger Blogs
3. Commenting on Blogs others have built
4. Creating and distributing multimedia to directories
5. Social Bookmarking and Networking your content
6. Promoting content using RSS feeders
7. Creating press releases related to informative updates

Quite honestly there are a large number of ways for an online small business marketing to promote the dickens out of the content that they deliver to the Web. Which is a problem in and of itself if you ask me.


Because it is easy for people become lost in a sea of digital data if they are not careful. Following is my path to success online and I hope it helps you find your answers too.

First, let’s talk about building and optimizing your own Websites or Blogs. It is critical that you niche your projects to your audience if you want great traffic results. The way to do this is using powerful keyword research tools like Keyword Coral.

Keyword Corral allows you to take your project to the next level by quickly targeting in on your niches best target market keywords. Knowing which keywords to target before writing or creating your content is a great step into getting powerful results.

In Part 2 of this online small business marketing secrets series we will talk about social network and bookmarking, blog commenting, RSS feeders and a lot more solid content you need to build your own online small business.

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