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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Social Networking Destroyed My Internet Marketing

Social networking destroyed my business.

Hate to repeat those words, but it’s the truth. Here’s what happened.

About 1 month ago I setup a new account on FaceBook. Something I refused to do previously because of how complicated I believed FaceBook to be.

For the record, I thought I was wrong, that is until the events that took place today. Now I’m mad.

Slow down, count to 10, okay here’s my story.

My graphic artist bride made me this awesome profile picture for my FaceBook account which had an arrow pointing to my info box underneath. I used this to encourage people over to my Fan Page where I could tell them all sorts of cool stuff about search engine optimization and the like.

It was working really well.

That is until today when FaceBook did an update which included removing that box that had my brief elevator speech in it. Like that I had no clear link between my FaceBook profile and Fan Page.

No link.

No traffic.

No business.

No! No! No!

Just like that I’m out of business because FaceBook decided to do an update that directly impacted my ability to generate leads from my profile to my fan page on FaceBook.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind updates, but when they directly impact the users involved in adversely bad ways I for one am not pleased.

The lesson learned here is not to rely on just one social network to build your online presence no matter how good or popular it might be. Fortunately I didn’t stop there, but what I did do will be solid gold for your own success on FaceBook.

Are you wondering what I did?

I pulled my hair out, which is something a bald man cannot afford to do.

Next I rolled up my proverbial sleeves. Hey, when you work from home your sleeves are allowed to be proverbial.

Then I started clicking buttons. Buttons of frustration they were.

End result?

My newly written article titled: FB Info Box Gone - What Internet Marketers Should Do that you really should take a moment to read if you are on FaceBook at all. Here’s another great article I found about 5 Best Twitter Marketing Ideas. Enjoy.