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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hush Hush Secrets For Setting Up Blog Using Blogger verse WordPress

WordPress is the best tool for building a blog, that’s what I have heard for a long time. Personally speaking, I’ve been a Blogger dude for many years even though there are those that will sign praises about WordPress.

Until recently I felt like they were smoking something funny.

Blogger always seemed so much easier for me to use than the WordPress blog platform. In that case, why did I go to such great lengths to create

It had nothing to do with how easy WordPress has become to use, on that note Blogger blog platformstill ranks #1 in my opinion.

One of the biggest things that has frustrated me over the years with WordPress is the whole concept of self hosting! Add that to Bloggers recent stat checker addition and I was a died in the wool Blogger guy especially knowing that over 1500 people a month were coming to my blog with that number growing.

With everything positive going for Blogger why did I waste my time in creating a WordPress blog?

The answer to that question is extremely simple.

Blog BluePrints

This is a step-by-step system that was released about 2 months ago took the time to really teach me how to use and create my own blog on WordPress. This is not some type of over-priced eBook that reeks of valuelessness. This is an honest to goodness step by step approach that is easy to follow while meaty enough for WordPress experts to glean value from.

In only 2 days I created my Search Engine Cubes blog while following the advice from Blog BluePrints. Yes, I’m aware that I added my Google AdSense code much sooner than they recommend and we will see if my initial growth rate suffers as a result.

I also hope that you take time to explore the high quality value of Blog BluePrints as you are setting up blog. Even more so, if you find yourself relating well with my own failure in understanding the WordPress technologies. However, even if that is not your case I still believe you will receive tremendous WordPress value from following their suggestions.

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