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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is SEO or Social Networks Less Critical For Online Presence And Web Site Development Today

Meta tags, organic rankings, backlinks These are the areas that many SEO experts focus on as being most important on the Web today. Are they correct?

Tweeting tweets, FaceBook Fan Pages, LinkedIn profiles are where other people believe the power of the Web is at today. Is this the right answer?

According to what I think?


I know, I know that doesn’t sound like an answer at all but it really is. What’s more SEO and social networking shouldn’t really be treated as two separate entities if you really want to get the most out of these systems.

Take this article you are reading for example. The niche keyword focus will be clear once it is posted to my Blog. After posting the article to my blog I will use the Twitter and FaceBook icons at the top of the page to share it with my social networks. Next I could create videos and podcasts to share the information with my audiences even further.

The more I do to build an audience through social vehicles for my article the better the ranking that Google and other search engines will place upon it. Including the ability to leave comments enhances the entire process generating yet greater exposure.

At times, I get the impression that many people think Internet Marketing should be easy. Honestly speaking setting up a Twitter or FaceBook account is indeed not that difficult.

So what is the hard part?

It can be down right mind blowing to keep everything moving at the same time.

So next time you’re wondering if search engine optimization or social networking is most important it would be my own personal opinion that both are equally critical for your success on the Web. What is your opinion?

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